The most undemanding houseplants

Our home is our fortress! Therefore, every woman tries to create warmth and comfort. Here come to the aid of the plants. In many homes you can see the entire greenhouse. But plants is not only beauty and comfort, it is also clean air.

Plants are staggering in its diversity. Here flowering plants and just decorative greenery, small plants and those that surprise with their value. Have whimsical plants that need special care, and there are unpretentious.

The most unpretentious flowers

He is not capricious plants do not require greater attention and unable to please mistresses under any circumstances. They are able to grow in rooms with dry air, they do not need frequently watering and easy to transplant. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to care. These plants will surprise with beautiful flowers and green leaves just in case if you forget to water and fertilize.

Among the most unpretentious of indoor plants in the first place are: clivia and sparmaniya.


Clivia – room plant with light green leaves similar to the feathers. It blooms beautiful orange and red flowers. Flowering time is in may and April. In these months clivia need more light, so you need to put it in a bright room. It will thrive on a windowsill.

Undemanding houseplant clivia

And in the summer you can bring this plant into the street. Clivia loves fresh air. Autumn and winter, clivia, it’s time to rest. In this period it is best to put it in a shaded place and watered as infrequently as possible.


Sparmaniya – a houseplant with dark green leaves. It blooms beautiful white flowers. It is easy to care. Special attention requires sparmaniya spring. In March and April it begins to grow rapidly, and as such, it needs constant watering and fertilizer.

Undemanding houseplant sparmaniya

As sparmaniya is growing rapidly, it is necessary not to forget to replant.


Also one of the most he is not capricious house plants is begonia. This is one of the most beautiful plants. It can decorate any room. Begonia is striking in its diversity. This flowering varieties and ornamental foliage. Blooming begonias presented by the variety of colors is yellow, pink, red and white flowers. Bouquet in a pot – so often called begonia.

Undemanding houseplant begonia

Flowering begonias are very naughty. But as bloom year-round, they must constantly be watered and fertilized. In the summer the number of irrigations should be increased in winter to reduce. Fertilize begonias, it is important not only in summer but also in winter.

The leaves of ornamental begonias are striking in their beauty and diversity. It’s light green leaves with silvery, red and yellow spots. Spots can be large or small, circular or vague forms. Begonias grow well in light, cool rooms. They need moist air. The temperature in the room in winter should not be below +18 C and in summer is +23 C.


Tradescantia is a plant of the tropics. She comes from North America. «Women’s gossip» – so people often call this plant. This is the name tradescantia was named for the shape of their stems. Stems very long, so often confused with each other, and it is sometimes difficult to determine where to start or where to end.

Undemanding houseplant tradescantia

There are many species of tradescantia. Some with dark green, pointy leaves on top and small white flowers, others with dark green leaves and purple-red edging (tradescantia streamside), and others – with light green leaves and white or pink striped (variegated tradescantia). This plant blooms usually small inconspicuous flowers.

Tradescantia is very unpretentious. It can grow in both dark and light room, easily able to endure cold and heat.

They say that tradescantia is a kind of source of prosperity in the house. It is able to rid the house of negative energy.


Pelargonium or, as it is called, geranium, has a strong energy. Pelargonium is able to release into the air essential oils that are beneficial to human health. Scientists have proven that if you constantly breathe in the smell of pelargonium, it is possible to get rid of depression, insomnia, nervous tension. Native geranium from South Africa. Grandiflora, thyroid, and zone – these are the most common types of pelargonium.

Undemanding indoor plant pelargonium or geranium

Large-flowered geranium is an indoor plant with light green leaves that have a characteristic notch. It blooms big beautiful flowers.

Because of the dark circles on the leaves, pelargonium became known as zonal. It blooms white, pink and red flowers.

Hederacea leaf shapes different thyroid pelargonium. The flowers resemble umbrellas are pink, white and red.

Pelargonium very unpretentious. They like bright rooms and cool. In the summer they should be watered as often as possible. Do not forget about fertilizer.

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