The most undemanding aquarium fish

To have a home part of nature, people quite often give birth to aquarium fish. There are many inhabitants of the waters who can be kept in captivity, but all of them need certain conditions. To learn all the details of the contents of such animals, it is better to choose first the most undemanding aquarium fish. They will not survive in an ordinary Bank, but temperature changes of habitat, changes in the level of acidity and other degradation of water they are not afraid.

The most undemanding aquarium fish

Guppies – the most simple species of fish for aquarium

People who want to breed fish at home, in pet stores often recommend guppies. These little Pets will be ideal for beginner aquarists. They can breed even busy owners, travel often. These fish are about a week can be without food. They are unpretentious to the environment, which contains. The main condition for their existence – clean water and sufficient size of the aquarium.

Guppies can easily tolerate temperature extremes. But breeding these fish is to remember the following:

  • the minimum temperature water can reach 18°C;
  • the optimum temperature for guppies – 24°C;
  • the maximum temperature is 30°C;
  • suitable water temperatures during spawning – 27°C.

Guppies have bright color, so they are very popular. Males are distinguished by the smaller size and brighter colouring. Females not so attractive and a bit more males.


Guppies breed well in an aquarium. Females appear able to eat the fry. If it is bad to feed fish, the parents will satisfy your hunger with their offspring. Therefore in breeding, it is best to keep guppy fry in a separate aquarium.

Guppy is a very peaceful fish. They love to eat plant food, therefore, it is desirable in the aquarium to breed algae. Neighborhood with larger and faster species can be a bad influence on guppy.


Not demanding to conditions of bright coral fish – swordtails. They can survive even if the tank changes dramatically with temperature, hardness or acidity of the water. Swordtails Females are larger. They can reach a length of 15 cm, and their color is less bright. The males coloration is more expressive. Their caudal fin is decorated with a long sword. Males grow to 12 cm, Swordtails can eat dry or live feed. They will gladly include in your diet are green food, so you should equip the aquarium is a place for algae.



There are unpretentious and platies. It is a small fish whose size may reach 5 cm swordtails Females are slightly larger, and males have a more vivid coloration. Fish thrive in water whose temperature is equal to 23-25°C. At lower water temperatures, the fish may appear fungal or colds. Platies are undemanding to feed. They use dry or live food, also feed on plants. Fish feel well in aquariums with lots of algae.



Excellent choice for beginner aquarists will be barbs. It’s a small fish, maximum size of which is equal to 6 cm They love to live in flocks, so the minimum number of them in one aquarium should not be less than four. Barbs are more demanding of water temperature, which should be in the range from 20°C to 28°C. They desperately need clean water with low flow. These fish are omnivorous. Their diet should include dry, live and plant food.



Undemanding Pets will be the small zebrafish, which the people called «whales». This small fish, the length of which can reach 7 cm. They like to live in flocks, so in a tank it is better to have at least 8 zebrafish. For them, the best option is a large aquarium where these energetic, active students will be able to napravilsya. Because fish can jump out of the pond it is better to cover the glass.



Beautiful and unpretentious inhabitants of the aquarium will be the end of the line. These fish are ideal conditions for tropical waters, so the temperature in the aquarium should not be below 24°C or above 28°C. Males are aggressive by nature. They hardly coexist in the same aquarium. To create a wonderful environment for these bullies, it is better to buy long but not very tall vessel. Bettas love to hide in shelters, therefore, not superfluous to equip the reservoir snags and thickets of seaweed.


The cardinals

Little cardinals do not require special conditions of detention. These fish whose length is 5 cm, will be the perfect neighbors for other small aquatic animals. They are able to survive with minimum water temperature of 15°C and maximum 30°C. the Cardinals are not picky with food and happy to eat dry or live foods. Fish love to swim in flocks, so buy such Pets better not at least 6 pieces.


Marble gourami

Wonderful inhabitants of the aquarium will be the marble gourami. They are also called «nitenostsy» because of the long processes in the abdomen area. Fish love the heat, so the pond should maintain a temperature in the range of 22°to 24°C. Marble gourami reach a length of 11 cm. They don’t like the fuss and prefer to slowly swim around the aquarium. These fish can breathe oxygen, but an aquarium with a better cover. Feeding suitable dry and live foods.

Marble gourami

Rasbora of heteromorpha

Beginners, who master the intricacies of keeping fish in an aquarium, you should pay attention to rasboro heteromorpha. It’s completely unpretentious Pets that will be fine to feel in a conventional aquarium. Fish grow to 4.5 cm They get along well with other inhabitants of the pond. They need heat, so the water in the aquarium must be of 26°C to 28°C. the Fish need clean water, because dirt can cause the appearance of infectious diseases. They thrive in flocks. Feeding suitable dry and live foods.

Rasbora of heteromorpha


Very hardy, but extremely pugnacious is makropody. These fish during the spawning season will not give peace a curious neighbors, and males and then will sort things out. Makropody prefer to live in water, temperature from 18°C to 22°C. they Eat only live food. If the aquarium suddenly break up undesirable residents, makropody quickly will finish them off.

O macropod

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