The most typical Russian souvenir

Russia – a country of mysteries and contradictions. To understand the Russian soul a dream of many foreigners, but even those visiting our nation, studying the local laws of life, none of them can get to the very depths of our nature. That left the poor fellow to bring home Souvenirs as a reminder of the indelible impression left by Russian man. What do you carry? Talk about a typical Russian souvenir.


Matrona is an old name and gave the name of our most famous toy Doll. The name stands for «mother» which is consistent with the idea of a wooden doll, inside of which lies a whole range of similar products.

What matryoshka is the most typical Russian souvenir, in the opinion of foreigners, is the best symbol of our country. Meanwhile the roots it is not Russian!

The origin of matryoshka


History of Russian nesting dolls begins in the late nineteenth century. The idea of a doll that is assembled from several parts, within which are hidden some more of the same, was borrowed from the Japanese masters exclusively for good purposes – development and learning color, shape and size of small children. It happened in city Sergiev Posad in the Studio of A. Mamontov. Hands Turner Basil Zvezdochkin and artist Sergey Malyutin and was created the first Russian nesting doll, which can be seen today with my own eyes in the Museum of Sergiev Posad.

As a prototype of the typical Russian souvenir made by ordinary Russian woman in a kerchief, sundress and apron. The doll had 8 children, among them met not only girls but also boys. The smallest of them was a baby in diapers. These toys quickly gained popularity and began to spread throughout Russia. Similar dolls were making in the Semenov district of Nizhny Novgorod province. They have received a slightly different form and began to portray young Russian girls in national costumes.


Some time later, about our dolls began in Europe. To manufacture these dolls received orders from France and Germany. They can easily buy on various European trade fairs, including the famous Leipzig. The beginning of the xx century was marked by the massive nature of the purchase dolls from abroad.

Painted nesting dolls

More popular were the toy dolls, the more diverse was her painting. Except for peasant women in headscarves on wooden workpieces began to draw young beautiful women in colorful sundresses with floral bouquets, then young people – the shepherds with a pipe, old men with a big beard and a crutch, and candles. Do not miss the makers of dolls and fairy-tale characters, heroes, defenders of the Fatherland, even well-known authors of works and their characters (for example, were made nesting dolls depicting all the characters in Gogol’s Comedy «Auditor»).


In addition to the new appearance toy was surprised by the number contained within her pieces. Dolls-liners became larger, and there were about 24 pieces. And in 1913 was made a Russian doll, inside which consisted of 48 items. This unique record was made by Nicholas Turner Bulycheva.

Matryoshka today

Today for the sake of time on the dolls increasingly began to depict famous politicians, musicians, and public figures. Meet toy dolls represent cartoon characters, art films, famous athletes, and so on. Modern technical capabilities allow us to quickly get on the wooden surface any images, so if you want, you can order the doll with any theme.


Of course, not gone anywhere and traditional painting. A doll available for sale can be purchased at any souvenir shop. But if you tend to be creative, you can easily buy wooden blank nesting dolls and paint her myself.

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