The most titled football club in the world

How to determine the most titled football clubs of the world? It seems that you can just count the number of existing club of titles and it’s in the bag». But actually it is not so simple. It is important not only the number of received titles, but the quality. And it depends on the tournament, what level won team.

The most titled in the world

The most titled football club in the world Glasgow Rangers

The most titled football club in the world is «Glasgow Rangers», which has so many trophies that it is unlikely in the near future can compete with it in any other club. Fifty-four times the team won the championship of Scotland, thirty-three times became the champion of Scotland. Thus, their achievements are associated with obtaining national trophies. But in the international arena, achievements of the club is much more modest European trophy he managed to get only once.

Here we can talk about quality, after all, to take the championship Scotland to the top of the Championship is hardly possible. Today the team is experiencing not the best times. However, the number of trophies (though national) yet to overtake it, nobody can.

Real Madrid named the richest club in football

A globally recognized level is the Spanish Example. And here «real Madrid» can be called the absolute champion by quantity of the won trophies. Champions players «real» have become thirty-two times, and the Cup was in their hands eighteen times. Unlike previous club real Madrid managed to reach incredible heights in the games of international level. In the Champions League he has won ten times. Twice the club has won the UEFA super Cup. Thanks to the many trophies real Madrid is recognized as the richest football club in the world. Many income get «real» sponsors, and the rights to broadcast on TV. In this club, it is worth noting in the game are the most expensive players.

Milan - international champion

Impossible to circumvent and the Italian «Milan», which is the international champion. The number of trophies from the international arena to compare with it, no one can. Seven times the club won the Champions League five times, won the UEFA Cup three times were the winners in the Cup winners ‘ Cup.

Barcelona play football with a world name

In General, a legend can be called the Spanish «Barcelona», which is estimated at $ 320000000. Twenty-four times the club managed to win the Spanish Cup, and twenty-two times the Catalans managed to become Champions of Spain. Four times they became leaders in the Champions League. Barcelona is a club, where they play the stars of world renown.

Titled Russian clubs

The most titled club of Russia on football Moscow

The most titled club of Russia on football – «Spartak» (Moscow). In the entire history of its existence, red-and-white always engage in battle with the enemy for the highest places. During the Soviet era the team became a gold medalist in the Championship. In the nineties, «Spartacus» was considered the best club. Thrice — «Spartak» managed to get the Cup of Russia. In European Competition the players of «Spartak» managed to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League, and is still not under force to any club in the country.

In 2005 CSKA won the Cup of UEFA, becoming the first team to do it

Next to the most titled football club in Russia include the Moscow team «CSKA». During Soviet times, the team managed seven times to win the national championship. In our time the team scored five times gold medal at the Championship. In 2005. «CSKA» has received the UEFA Cup, becoming the first team to do it.

The three most titled football clubs of Russia is a part of Dynamo

Even at three renowned clubs in the football part of «Dynamo» (Moscow). They are, however, you can only boast of achievements in the era of the Soviet Union, when they became Champions eleven times. Today the glory of the Dynamo is not as strong – they are four times became the winner of bronze in the Championship, and then they obtained only the Russian Cup in 1995.

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