The most terrible punishment of the ancient world

The death penalty — how much of this terrible word. The Association is not pleasant. From the pangs of man and the cruelty of executioners goose bumps. Methods of implementation of the death penalty are many, and each of them is even cooler and more inventive of the other. The past of mankind was so cruel and brutal that life was not worth anything, and in painful torture, dying hundreds of people. The most terrible punishment of the ancient world have long gone, but some of them can be read in the historical literature.

the worst penalty in the world

The stiffness of the Persians

The most terrible and agonizing death to come with the times of the ancient Persians. One such method was the fact that the victim was tied to a tree, leaving only the limbs. Further fed honey and milk to cause diarrhea. The victim’s body were coated with a sweet and sticky honey in order to attract as many insects as possible. They, in turn, multiply in the feces and the skin. The victim died in agony a few weeks from septic shock and dehydration.

Execution by elephant

In Carthage, Rome, and Asia, the death sentence was executed with the help of an animal, namely an elephant. Asian elephants desirability than one year and could kill the victim at once, or alternately, to slowly break the bones one by one.

Kara the elephant

Many European travelers describe this method of the death penalty in their observations. Using this method of killing man, Asian rulers have demonstrated that they are the rightful owners of not only humans but also animals. Basically, this method of execution was used for prisoners of war.

European cruelty

But the execution of Rome and Carthage continued. A lot of onlookers gathered in amphitheatres to watch the huge, wild tigers and lions were torn to death criminals, released into the arena. This Kara was a holiday for all, and it came with their families.

executions in ancient Rome

In that era there was another terrible punishment is crucifixion. Thus executed the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Man stripped, beaten with rods, stoned, and then forced to carry his cross to the place of execution. On the hill of the cross buried in the ground and nailed with huge nails to it man. The convict was dying slowly and painfully from thirst and pain. Such a method of execution is mostly used for criminals who have committed more than one crime.

execution on the cross

The most terrible punishment in the world was in Russia. The victims of these atrocities were those who committed a crime against the government, but also associated with sex, culture and religion. Since then went expression: impaled. this was itself a penalty, when a person is impaled, slowly piercing his body through. People have died from the pain for several days.

Ancient Egypt too was famous for his method of execution. This method was called the «punishment wall». The name speaks for itself. People just bricked up alive in a wall and they died from suffocation. The composer in his Opera, Verdi’s «Aida» describes the moment when the main character and her lover are sentenced to such punishment.

execution of ancient Egypt

The Execution Of China

The most violent in the history of mankind was Chinese. How will the execution, invented by executioners and judges. Their fantasy is not to compare with others of their ingenuity. One of the ways was a stretch of man over young bamboo shoots. Because the plant itself grows quickly, within a few days the bamboo was part of the man like a spear and continued to grow in his body. Came the slow death of a man in agony.

It is in China came up to bury a living person in the earth, and he died there from suffocation. One of the methods of torture and long-suffering man was death by a thousand cuts. If the offender is sentenced to a year of torment, the executioner stretched his execution for a year. Daily he came to the chamber to the offender, cut off a small part of the body. After immediately cauterized the wound with fire to stop the bleeding and the man died.

And the day the procedure was repeated for years until the person died. Moreover, if the cat could not cope with the task and the convicted person died before the appointed time, there was no less painful death.

the instrument of punishment

The worst penalty in the history of mankind applied to Chinese women. They simply sawed in half. It should be noted that sawed them for any reason and for any infraction. Women stripped, hung by his hands on the ring and between the legs were fastened sharp blades. Naturally long hanging they could not have sawed themselves to the Breasts.

We have considered some of the worst plagues in the history of mankind, but it is only a small part of the sophisticated imagination of our ancestors. Different cultures used this method of execution, like removing the skin alive. The person simply tied to a Desk or to a pole and cut the skin into small pieces. All this happened in front of other people and for many it was fun. Death came from blood loss and pain shock.

The same events apply Kara «Wheel». The victim was tied to the rotating wheel, and the executioner struck random blows to various parts of the body. After such torture of a man left to die on the front of the crowd.

Kara the criminal world

One of the latest types of executions of our time come from Africa. This method of execution repeatedly used by criminal groups. The essence of punishment lies in the fact that the man wore a rubber tyre, doused with gasoline and set on fire. People just burned alive, screaming in pain.

execution of the ancient world

The death penalty in contemporary civilized society, is banned in many countries, but countries such as China, still use this punishment for serious crimes. Such cruelty, as in ancient times has certainly not found. In modern society use the death penalty in the form of execution, lethal injection or the electric chair. Today the offender dies instantly.

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