The most terrible prison Russia

For humanitarian reasons, Russia has abolished the death penalty. But the alternative punishment for the most heinous crimes is life imprisonment when the offender lives in such conditions that the enemy does not want. The most terrible is not only that person your whole life will stay in the four walls, but that the most terrible prison Russia implies inhumane conditions, rampant sadism against prisoners and the presence of dangerous diseases.

The most terrible prisons located on the territory of our country, are Black Dolphin, Vladimir Central and the White Swan. Who is serving a sentence in the walls of these places, and that for prisoners, the conditions of stay?

«Black Dolphin»

Black Dolphin

Is a penal colony of special regime, which includes criminals convicted for life. Located in Sol-Iletsk Orenburg region. It was established in 1773 by order Ekaterini after the suppression of the Pugachev rebellion. In the walls of the Russian prison gathered monsters and cannibals. For example, here are serving sentences Ogre from Ryazan, who scored on the meat of adolescents, Samara robbers-policemen, a hired killer from Tyumen. All those who are stained stained with human blood, now remains the rest of your life to spend behind the sewing Slippers and consideration of the meaning of life.

Inmates are forbidden to contact each other. Provided constant surveillance of them, and even at night the camera does not turn off the light. When transferring a prisoner to another part of the colony, he is blindfolded to disorient, that is, to the layout of the jail they were not reflected. Camera for the prisoner’s cage in a cage as a prisoner separated from Windows and doors due to the powerful grids. At the barred window serving a sentence can only see small stripes of the sky. For walks, lasting 1.5 hours, is designed closed box.

This prison is the largest number of places for prisoners – has 1,600 prisoners. Today they number around 700. Such a beautiful informal name of the colony was for the fact that one of the prisoners with a special regime made the courtyard a sculpture of a Dolphin.

«Vladimir Tsentral»

Vladimir Central

Despite his celebrity, actually this place is another terrible prison Russia, where they punished criminals among the most dangerous. In Soviet times here placed saboteurs, spies, counterrevolutionaries. Also here on «vacation» and visited famous people: singer Ruslanova and actress Fedorov. Most often in this colony with concerts Michael Circle – maybe that’s why it was sung.

«White Swan»

White Swan

Despite its beautiful name, the same option colony in Sol ‘ -Iletsk. Is a prison in the Perm region, in the town of Solikamsk. Here exiled only the most dangerous criminals who will spend his whole life here. There are several versions regarding the origin of the name of the prison. One says that as a colony called for a white wall of the building. The second a consonant, the name was given because of the way the movement of prisoners through the territory of the colony (leaning forward to 90 degrees and his hands behind his back).

Since the creation of this colony since 1983 there has been debunked a myth about how to live freely to the members of the thieves of life. Was «restoredown» a lot of thieves and broken a lot of lives. The prisoners in the cells are sitting on one, two or three. A pleasure camera situated on the roof – here «pozhiznenniki» make a one-hour walk. To receive letters from relatives, they can only after serving 10 years.

It is believed that to escape from each of these terrible prisons of Russia is simply impossible. However, the attempts (e.g., White swans), were made, but failed. Prisoners everywhere surrounds barbed wire, a powerful and high walls, cells, cameras, and heavy security.

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