The most terrible disease in the world

Human health – the main value. To support his need to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise. But not always these methods can help protect against diseases associated with viruses that are constantly mutating, causing new terrible and deadly diseases. Some of the most terrible human diseases, which caused huge number of deaths over time was defeated by medicine, but some diseases remain a serious danger to society. So what is this terrible disease, the mention of which all it becomes uncomfortable?

1 smallpox

Smallpox is the worst disease in the world

This is, without doubt, the worst disease in the world, which persecuted the people of the middle Ages. The population from this disease died out everywhere, some might be saved from this scourge. Only in the twentieth century, smallpox killed about 500000000 people. Those who have the disease, began to rot alive. Those who survived the disease, were blindness and the horrible scars on the body. Up to 40-ies of the twentieth century, the smallpox almost forgot – it is believed that the illness was defeated with the help of vaccines. But vaccination against smallpox was continued until 80-ies of the twentieth century. The smallpox virus is considered to be quite viable and today it is kept in the laboratory institutions in Russia and America.


AIDS is called the plague of the 20th century

This disease called «the plague of the twentieth century.» And it is not surprising of drugs against this infection has not yet been invented. In this disease the person is weakened immune system, he could die from the common cold. For a hundred years, the disease has ruined my life more than 20000000 people. And nowadays many people suffer from this disease is approximately 40000000 people on the planet. However, some people do not even suspect the presence of this disease, therefore, the number of AIDS patients may be much higher.

3 Plague

Plague was the most terrible pandemic of Europe in the middle Ages

Another terrible disease of bubonic plague. It was called «black death» – so sick the doctor approached with great caution. Doctors visited patients wearing masks with beaks, which were aromatic substances. Doctors believe that these substances will be protected from the stench emanating from the patient and is the cause of the disease. Outerwear doctors was sewn from heavy fabrics that are impregnated with the wax. With the help of special chopsticks conducted inspection only not to touch the patient with your hands. This disease was the worst pandemic in Europe during the middle Ages. For several centuries the plague «terrorized and killed people, and the disease was stopped at the end of the nineteenth century.

The plague bacterium was discovered by the microbiologist Vietnam, which found that infecting people sick hamsters, rodents, and horses. The infection on humans is overturned by the bite of fleas. And in our times, the bubonic plague found on the planet, however, the disease has already successfully learned to treat, applying antibacterial agents.

4 Spanish flu

In the early twentieth century the largest was the Spanish flu which claimed the lives of up to 50000000 people

Even an ordinary flu can lead to death. In the early twentieth century the largest was the Spanish flu which claimed the lives of up to 50000000 people. Death in humans, patients with this disease, caused by acute inflammation and pulmonary edema. However, interesting is the fact that the Spaniard stopped by itself after 1.5 years after the occurrence. To find the cause of this disease scientists had failed, but there is a theory that the influenza virus similar to the recently circulated influenza type H1N1. The virus is constantly mutating, despite this flu is treatable, but terrible complications.

5 Malaria

Malaria infected by the bite of mosquitoes

Among the most dangerous diseases are present and malaria, known as «swamp fever». This disease, transmitted to humans from the bites of mosquitoes, is characterized by increased body temperature, fever, chills, enlarged spleen and liver. This infection is widespread in Africa, every year there suffer 500000000 people, of which killed about 3,000,000 people. The most dangerous disease for kids older than 5 years.

The parasite causes a disease – plasmoid. From these parasites, according to scientists, has died Tutankhamen. In our country, thank God, this illness is not – it managed to «destroy» in 1962.

6 Ivory disease

Ivory disease can turn a human into a monster

Disease «lymphedema» able to turn man into a real monster. Exotic disease found in middle latitudes associated with parasitic worms, impressive lymph vessels and clog them. This disease goes through several stages – first, it is possible to observe only a small swelling, and the last stage is characterized by turning the human body into a shapeless mass.

7 Tuberculosis

Disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is particularly dangerous

This is a disease that is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is particularly dangerous. In the past it was considered completely incurable and killed a lot of people. A disease that affects usually the lungs, is inherent in the people, who live in poor social conditions. Today, this disease, especially detected early, is treatable, though, and need to do this even a few years.

8 Cholera

Cholera can be called a weapon of mass destruction

This infectious disease can be called «weapons of mass destruction». Vibrio cholera, are able to multiply under appropriate conditions very quickly, causing lesions of the human body for a few days. The risk of death with cholera is very high. And to prevent this disease, it is important to observe sanitary rules – to wash hands before eating, do not drink water from unknown sources, there is only washed vegetables and fruits.

9 Cancer

Cancer can be called a time bomb for the body

Today, medicine is faced with a large number of people suffering from cancer, which is scary in its unpredictability. This disease can be called a «time bomb» that could at any moment kill someone. Too often, people desperate to be cured, are «to pay homage» to various magicians, psychics and healers. But doctors warn that the most common frauds, which does not help a person to heal. Only timely treatment to the doctor and properly prescribed treatment give the chances of survival and recovery.

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