The most sensitive pregnancy tests before the delay

To diagnose pregnancy in the early stages there is no need to visit a doctor and conduct a variety of analyses. The most sensitive pregnancy tests before the delay will help to decide this question.

How to determine pregnancy rapid tests?

Modern tests to determine pregnancy is simple, convenient and can hold their own, why they are so popular among the female half of humanity. Varieties available tests allow to choose for themselves from the simple and inexpensive to tests that are similar to laboratory systems.

the most sensitive pregnancy tests before the delay

But the main and defining reason for choosing a particular brand of Express-diagnostics of pregnancy, regardless of the price of a test is its ability to quickly and accurately determine pregnancy — in other words, the sensitivity of the test.

When it comes to the ability of the test to determine pregnancy in women, it refers to the ability to distinguish the presence in the body HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is detected in urine and blood of women after conception and emergence of the embryo. Test sensitivity is equal to 10 Mme/ml, is able to determine pregnancy on day 6-9. Test with sensitivity equal to 20 Mme/ml in 9-12 days. Therefore, Hyper-sensitive diagnostics can be applied without waiting for the delay of the menstrual cycle.

a positive pregnancy test

Currently, some manufacturers have resorted to the most simple marketing move, overestimating the sensitivity of the effected tests. So, let’s look at some of them.

German quality tests «FRAUTEST»

Judging by the reviews, most famous and most true tests are tests «FRAUTEST». They are produced in Germany by «Human Gesellshaft». The variety presented in the market of tests is large. There is a strip of strips with an average cost 70-80 rubles, tablet tests for 110-130 rubles and jet tests, which reach a price of up to 400 rubles.

In order to test yourself in the early stages of pregnancy use test «FRAUTEST Express» and «FRAUTEST Double Control». The manufacturer tests the ability to identify HCG is 15 Mme/ml and above, so you can use them, without waiting for the delay of the menstrual cycle.


The main advantages of these tests are simplicity of use, reliability of results and low cost. Self-study tests can be conducted two days before the alleged delay. Due to hypersensitivity, «FRAUTEST» guarantees the accuracy and speed of detection result.

«He helps» is the most sensitive test

Another popular test for detection of pregnancy, «he helps», which is produced in Germany by the company «Helm». The most accurate and the most appropriate to determine pregnancy in the early stages among all the varieties of tests of the company «Helm» test «. This cassette pregnancy test with an estimated cost 200-300 rubles.

Helps proof

The test is a prototype lab to determine pregnancy. Of manufacturer design enables equal distribution of urine for reagent, which improves the accuracy of the study. The sensitivity of the test is high, therefore, when the HCG is higher than 10 Mme/ml, it will detect pregnancy.

The dough includes a special cassette and pipette. On the tape there is a special window, in which a pipette is necessary to drip four drops of urine. Five minutes in the second window will show the result. Feature of this device is that it allows to interact more effectively and reagent test urine, as a result, the assessment of the level of HCG is more accurate. Despite the fact that the diagnostic procedure more difficult than application of the Express strips, it is able to detect a pregnancy in the early stages and has a high percentage of reliability of the result.

English tests «CLEARBLUE»

One of the most reliable ways to determine pregnancy yourself is the use of the test «CLEARBLUE» which is produced by the English firm «Unipath Ltd». This company is a world leader in the production of Express-diagnostics of pregnancy. Products «Unipath Ltd» recommended by doctors-gynecologists in many countries.

Women around the world prefer tests «CLEARBLUE» due to the fact that they have high accuracy and sensitivity, rapid obtaining of results, ease of use and ability to determine pregnancy. The test can be used at the earliest stages of pregnancy. The main disadvantage test «CLEARBLUE» this is their price, which ranges from 800 – 1000.

To determine pregnancy to delay menstruation it is necessary to apply tests «CLEARBLUE Plus and CLEARBLUE DIGITAL». Experts say that the accuracy of these tests exceeds 99%, and the quality of the conducted research can be compared with laboratory techniques. Research may be carried out for 5-4 days prior to the estimated delay.

BB-quiz – France

The most sensitive pregnancy tests before the delay from the French producers – a BB-test. It is held in the «Laboratory InnoTek» and earned positive reviews from women all over the world. This rapid diagnostic is still accurate at any time of the day, but in order to be sure of your pregnancy, you need to repeat the procedure two days later.

BB test

The moment a woman becomes aware of her pregnancy – a turning point in her life. With the development of industry rapid pregnancy tests, today to know that the girl will soon become a mother in the early stages, and with the highest accuracy. And it does not need to go to a medical facility, or special laboratory tests. Enough to buy a well established pregnancy test. After all, the sooner a woman learns that she becomes a mother, the more opportunity it has to prepare for the changes in my life.

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