The most ridiculous selfie

Who today have not heard about pictures-crossbows, — called selfie? The entire Internet is literally overflowing with photos of people who self-certifying the brightest and happiest moments of his life. Thanks to the great popularity of selfies people trying to do the not only memorable, but also the most discussed. But because going to do the strangest things, creating the most ridiculous selfie. For example, Instagram users could see selfies of different people in the background, it would seem, is not designed to create photos of places and events. So what is depicted on the most ridiculous selfies, which, according to the British magazine can create a kind of top ten.

1 Young man in the background of a deceased relative

The young man in the background of a deceased relative

And the leader among the most ridiculous selfie became the-crossbow of a young man who was photographed at the funeral. Apparently the young man wished to perpetuate the memory of this day, remembering his face in the coffin with the deceased relative. But this is not the only picture of this kind, which can be found on the Internet. Similar to the selfie was posted online by the girl who smiled at my grandmother’s funeral.

2 On the background of the captured terrorist a cafe in Sydney

On the background of the captured terrorist a cafe in Sydney

Next on the list is possible to mention men who lives in Australia. He with a cheerful smile, made a picture in a cafe in Sydney, which earlier broke the terrorist who seized several hostages. Apparently an Australian resident so I wanted to be famous, they say, look where I took the picture I wasn’t thinking about the horror, fear and pain are covered at the time of the capture of a terrorist the people in the café. And why – most importantly, that all drew attention to the hero pictures!

3 Selfie of the fire on the background of the raging fire

Firefighter's selfie on the background of the raging fire

No less the height of absurdity and absurdity can be called a photo where an American fireman instead of having to deal directly with the extinguishing of the raging fire, decided to be photographed on this background. What was on the mind of the young man at the moment, it is unclear, because his colleagues extinguished the fire, but instead, he simply engaged in nonsense. It is hoped that after fixing his person against the fire, the fire still started the direct duties.

4 amid the burning pier in Eastbourne

Amid the burning pier in Eastbourne

In the summer of 2014 in English lit Eastbourne pier, which was built in the 19th century. Fire structure, which is a unique cultural value, was virtually destroyed. But one guy had the idea to photograph themselves on the background of a burning pier, probably to preserve the memory of this moment. But a local resident was not the only one who took a selfie on the background of burning buildings. His colleague was resting close to the girl who also decided that it would be necessary not to miss the opportunity to spread the network of the image on the background of historical value, is killed in a fire.

5 Crash – not a reason to refuse selfies

The plane crash is not a reason to refuse selfies

And even disaster or any other extreme situation does not force people to give up trying to take a picture of themselves. So did they survived in the crash of passenger liner – Ferdinand, Puentes. It may be, does not care that one of the passengers on the aircraft died, but survived near Hawaii the man decided not to miss this opportunity to tell people about it. So he gave the world yet one of the most stupid selfies.

6 Incident in the plane

The incident on the plane

Many people are afraid of flying on airplanes, and some even are not lost in emergency situations. So this man during the smoke of the plane and panic among the passengers decided to take pictures of themselves against the smoke. Apparently the man has a certain «immunity» to smoke and didn’t worry at all that can suffocate, and at the same time did not even thought about the feelings of other passengers.

7 Self against the backdrop of the Brooklyn bridge

Selfi on the background of the Brooklyn bridge

Next on the list of the most ridiculous selfie was shot-crossbow girls that imprinted itself on the background of the Brooklyn bridge, which was trying to fold a jumper. No doubt this photo would have attracted the attention of not quite mentally healthy people, but normal people probably have wagged his finger at his temple. I tried to tell her the girl? What in the world is more indifferent and spitting on all the people?

8 against the background of Auschwitz

Against the background of Auschwitz

A lot of noise on the Internet did the girl who was photographed on the background of Auschwitz shining and smiling. She generally has no idea what kind of camp. But it is also not the only ones who were photographed on this background. On the Internet there is another picture, which depicts two smiling girls who look just immensely happy that I was able to make such a major shot in their life.

9 operating

In the operating room

Among the most ridiculous photos there are photo Russian nurse who took my picture on the background of the ongoing operations. Probably, the girl thought it the right time, and the be very popular.

10 On the back of a drowning boy

On the background of a drowning boy

As already mentioned above, extreme situations do not cool the ardor of the people to make selfies. On the contrary, people are seeking greater power. And this man, instead of trying to help a drowning boy, decided to photograph them. He smiles and contented life, because he is alive. And the boy, against which he portrayed himself isn’t interested in. And where people have so much indifference?

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