The most ridiculous names in Russia

Many people thank their parents for great education, great education, great names. However, not all live in harmony with their names, which are sometimes very funny. How comfortably are those who inherited from their parents the most ridiculous names?

Funny names in the world

Sometimes the name and occupation are inseparable

In different countries of the world is full of different funny names. Sometimes you just wonder how could take those original «names». Let’s look at the most ridiculous names in the world, from the pronunciation which it is impossible to hold back the laughter. Let’s start with the Romanian, Bulgarian and Moldavian:

  • Rakov
  • Zapalowski
  • Razdvinula
  • Detail
  • Cats
  • Bestrack
  • Fanta

Name like anything but the middle name brings

Pretty funny there are a lot of Cossack surnames:

  • Gryzodub
  • Pomogaibo
  • Nepeypivo
  • Zasyadvovk
  • Ubeyvolk
  • Gulager
  • Neesima
  • Judge
  • Labuha
  • Nosulya
  • Morgan
  • Gnilozub
  • Nogal
  • Dragonuk
  • Sultonov
  • Pidkuiko
  • Nechistyak

And this is just a small list of the Cossack families. The list goes on and on. But let us turn to the names of Chechen:

  • Slops
  • Playboys
  • Wallpaper
  • Sheds
  • Yields

Funny Georgian surname

Among the Armenian, you can highlight the name of Opohmel and Planted. Funny Georgian names is an EGGER, Rusted and Dibagula. In Sweden, there are a lot of people with the last name Carlson, and it is as widespread as Smirnov in Russia. A lot of funny names in Japan:

  • Sukasana
  • Herovato
  • Nakamoto
  • Campisi
  • Shirihai
  • Ogeretsu

Some names surprised the people of Russia?

Lots of funny names in Russia

If you disassemble the most ridiculous names in Russia, the list can be rather big. Here are just some of the names of the huge number of ridiculous present in our country:

  • Hoopoe
  • Schmal
  • Pidorenko
  • NIT
  • Will nepizdin
  • Vagina
  • Nepeypivo
  • Negro
  • Khachapuri
  • Suckers
  • Kazyavkin
  • Popkin
  • Gopina
  • Fibbers
  • The same
  • Wolfhound
  • Hemp
  • Brain eaters
  • Holopainen
  • Board
  • Chrukin
  • Sex
  • Svinarov
  • Naked
  • CoverFlow
  • Sheluhina
  • Shopkeeper
  • Zhirnov
  • Syringe
  • Durnopeyko
  • The corpse
  • Snot
  • Dobrobaba
  • Chmyr

If you think that it is a fictional name, then just look through telephone directories of the cities with populations over a million. You will see how diverse and unique found in the names! Can not cause laughter and double names in our country – for example, Kill-Happy, Buffalo-cat, Honest, horoshko, Shura-Bura, Bit-Ivan.

Soviet name Tape means Leninist labor army

Here are the most ridiculous names in Russia exist. But originality and many of the names in our country. In the Soviet Union parents named their children after Lenin, Stalin, First of may, Valentina Tereshkova, etc. the most bizarre of these:

  • Dazdraperma («long live the First of may»)
  • Papital (means «Winner of fascism Joseph Stalin»)
  • Periostat (means «the First Soviet stratospheric balloon»)
  • Creme (means «Red army»)
  • Tape (meaning «Lenin labor army»)
  • Nisarga (meaning «Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev»)
  • Waterpieces (means «Valentina Tereshkova – first woman in space»)

Gelder - the name means railroad

And if you consider the ridiculous names, formed of any phrases, funny include:

  • Of teksis
  • Kazdoa
  • Tractorin
  • Epikharia
  • Droid
  • Eutropia
  • Viagra
  • Russia
  • Snandulia
  • Nenasha
  • Cisenius
  • Wool
  • Epaphroditus
  • The St. polichrono
  • Sosipater
  • Erasmus
  • Themistocles
  • Pugile
  • Login
  • Mamant

Maybe this woman is really good?

Unlikely men or women with these names and surnames are proud of them. So many are trying to rectify the situation.» There are names that people came up personally, as their first or last name he hated. So, Ani Lorak – Carolina is the opposite. The name Carolina KUEK, so she decided to take that name. Former Natalka Poryvai became known as Natasha Koroleva. And that sounds very proudly, is not it? So some people «unstuck» from their native names, which, alas, can not bear positive emotions and peace of mind for the owner of the original name. But to others gives a great opportunity to have a good laugh, although maybe it’s not quite beautiful.

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