The most reliable SUV

Especially for those who want to buy the most reliable SUV, the company’s specialists Warranty Direct conduct technical tests and make the index of reliability.

How is it calculated? The garage are the statistics of breakdowns that are characteristic for each particular type of car. The list includes: the frequency of breakdowns and the nature of the repair work. With this data, is the rating of the SUVs and crossovers.

Honda CR-V

Considered one of the most acceptable options. Standard and reliable chassis, make this car the most adapted for the Russian roads.

The most reliable SUV

Having a number of positive features: increased ground clearance, the outer rear suspension, four-wheel drive and so on. There are some significant disadvantages. The most important of them is the lack of automation of the lower number of transfers. Front-wheel drive REALTIME 4WD, fully exercise its functions upon loss of adhesion with the track.

Honda CR-V inside

Rated index of the reliability of this auto – 23.10. Average repair cost 15 thousand rubles.

Despite all of the above Honda CR-V the most reliable SUV in the world and the most reliable SUV in Russia.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

A very popular model not only in Russia but throughout the world. The factories in Japan, India, Iran, Indonesia and Spain released it under a different name and in the «native version».

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The main distinguishing feature of the Suzuki Grand Vitara sophisticated all-wheel drive system. Presenting a monolithic connection of the engine and the wheels, it is easy and convenient to operate. To do this, the developers made the system switches on the center console.

The car is all-wheel drive by default; free center capacity, non-blocking switching modes.

Suzuki Grand Vitara inside

Operation in off-road conditions is carried out using mode «4L Lock».

The index of reliability 33.01. This model does not cause significant complaints from car owners. Purchase of parts and maintenance will cost the owner on average 13,750 rubles.

Toyota RAV4

Despite technically given the name crossover has all the features of a great SUV.

Lightweight, compact car, nevertheless, has sufficient loading capacity and maneuverability.

Toyota RAV4

An invaluable advantage of the model is considered to be increased protection from corrosion. Thus a car for a long time retains its presentation and economical in operation, by reducing the frequency of repairs.

The reliability of brake pads is confirmed by their movement rate. Replacement or repair is carried out not earlier than after 100-150 thousand kilometers.

The interior is spacious, comfortable. It can be fully upgraded for the client’s wishes. The possibility of self-repair for easy operation.

Toyota RAV4 inside

Reliability Toyota RAV4 experts estimate 42.69 points. The average repair cost in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.

Whatever the final choice, key indicators buying any car are: ease of use, cost of repair and restoration, and range of opportunities win on the road.

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