The Most Prestigious Universities In Russia

More than half of applicants chooses a UNIVERSITY, focusing on the ratings. In this regard around making a list of top educational institutions are always a big hype, and every year it is increasing; and with it are complicated and the requirements for preparing the rating. In Russia, as of 2016 there is only one organisation which has received the approval of foreign experts for the high quality standards used to prepare the ratings is the rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA).


For the formation of educational charts polled employers, scientists, students and graduates. Also examines statistical indicators: number of teachers per hundred students, the number of scientific publications, attracting foreign students and the number of Russian students who had done internship or training abroad; the demand from entrants, reputational measurements and the amount of funding per student. In the large-scale mapping of these and other parameters are known the most prestigious universities in Russia. The composition of the hundred best schools varies from year to year, but it has the old-timers continually support the highest quality of education.

MSU M. V. Lomonosov

The legendary Moscow UNIVERSITY — the dreamboat of every applicant, seriously that is configured to receive quality education. To do here so difficult that it becomes clear why this place always takes first place in the rating: the highest in the country passing scores require huge efforts and extensive depth of knowledge, which is something only the most dedicated and advanced candidates. Fortunately, every year it turns out that a lot of these 50 thousand people receive knowledge at MSU, including foreign students.

MSU M. V. LomonosovMSU M. V. Lomonosov

The University firmly holds the direction set by its founder — a Titan of scientific thought by Lomonosov. The scientist believed that the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences does not cope with its task, and insisted on the Foundation of the University in Moscow. Then the first thing they started to train doctors, philosophers and lawyers. To date, students have several dozen areas of study; prestigious of them — legal and economic, a little easier to do on a philologist, geologist, or sociologist. Unfortunately for students and their parents, and MSU has also traditionally included in the list of leaders of the cost of education in fee-paying departments.


Next on the list of the prestigious institution — state UNIVERSITY of St. Petersburg. Of the top five best universities in the state University is allocated a special status: the Agency has the authority to establish its own educational standards and issue their own diplomas, while remaining a state educational institution. The second line of the rating confirms the fact that the University was able to provide students and teachers the best environment for learning and research activities in all fields, including its own publishing house and the library, which has nearly 7 million books. Part of the St. Petersburg state University consists of 24 faculty, as well as physical, medical and economic College, faculty of military training and academic gymnasium.


It is noteworthy that SPBU is the first and currently the only Russian University included in the prestigious Coimbra group, which unites the most important European universities.


Institute of international relations, developed at MSU, in 1944, became a separate independent institution. Now every year he holds a strong position in the ranking of the best Universities. At the time, as in other places progress, problems with the shortage of teachers, the University manages to maintain a good position in this parameter. Not decreasing the value of another indicator: cost of training on a paid Department at MGIMO — 418 RUB thousand, making it the most expensive Universities in Russia. Although it remains possible to get in on favorable terms at the expense of winning the TV competition «University challenge».As at MSU, the University is known for high-pass grade. And yet, the University is included in the Guinness Book of records as the UNIVERSITY where I teach more foreign languages, namely 53, including Russian as a foreign language.


In addition to excellent education, students who managed to enroll in one of the 13 faculties, the University provides many opportunities for additional development. There are several dozen student clubs academic, sport and creative direction, including the famous KVN team.

MGTU im. N. E. Bauman

«Baumanka» as in the people, and according to the official rating is one of the best technical universities of Russia. Bauman heads the Russian Association of technical universities and is the winner of the award «European quality» in compliance with high international standards of teaching.

MGTU im. N. E. BaumanMGTU im. N. E. Bauman

Of the five best universities offering this most specialties — 75. University is not just received the status of scientific research. Here being the most pressing contemporary development: local students and graduates can apply their knowledge not only in traditional engineering activities, but even in the sphere of nanotechnologies, space systems and counter-terrorism. At the University there is an international space school, students of which have developed a «bus-asteroid» for a trip to Mars.


National research nuclear University was founded for the needs of the front. And when the war ended, switched to nuclear research. At the disposal of the University have research nuclear reactor, not to mention other modern equipment.


Currently engineering physics Institute consists of 11 faculties, 10 institutes and 10 research centres. In addition to Moscow, there are branches in other cities of Russia, including colleges, technical schools, lyceums and schools, which operate on the basis of MEPhI. Thanks MEPhI, Rosatom remains competitive in the world markets of high technologies. MEPhI takes part in all development of nuclear weapons and energy.

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