The most powerful weapon of all.

In the entire history of mankind, there were many wars, when some people tried to subjugate the other. The authors have invented a lot of deadly weapons that can destroy not only the city but also the country, depriving millions of lives. And in proof of the brightest minds in our country is Russian developments are a powerful weapon in the world. One of the main among such weapons can be called the hydrogen bomb Tsar, who became the most powerful and devastating explosive device, not previously known in the world.

Tsar bomb – the incredible power of the weapon


Created this bomb Sakharov. The test was conducted at Novaya Zemlya in 1961. Blew it up at the altitude of 4.2 km above sea level through 188 seconds after it was dropped from a Tu-95 bomber). The test results stunned not only the world, but even the creators of this weapon. Mushroom cloud after the explosion reached a height of 67 km, and the radius of the fireball gap amounted to 4600 m Formed shock wave has bypassed the Earth three times, and for forty minutes due to ionization of the atmosphere, there is a strong interference. On the surface of the globe the temperature is above the place where the explosion occurred, had such a high score that easily proved the stones to ashes.

This is the most powerful weapon in the world, popularly known as «Ivan», began to develop in the Soviet Union in 1955. Made the bomb at his weight of 15 percent of the takeoff weight of the aircraft-bomber. And because of the large size of the Tsar bomb even necessary to remove the fuel tanks from the fuselage of the aircraft. Test of a hydrogen bomb was carried out immediately after its creation. Few years the Tu-95 was used to flying as a training aircraft. And in 1961 year testing of this type of weapon became relevant.

Vybuh Tsar-bomb

And in 1963, after successful trials, Khrushchev promised to show «Gruel» America, referring to it is a powerful weapon that became one of the main indicators of the military power of our country.

Compared to our Tsar bomb, the atomic bombs that were dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be called «simple toys». But it is interesting that the Soviet «gruel» was clean enough thermonuclear plan – she almost did not create radioactive contamination, and the explosion of this weapon nobody got hurt. The American attack on the Japanese cities during the explosion killed up to 80 people, and later many suffered from radiation. So the Russians, having created the Tsar bomb, has surpassed the military power of the United States several times.

Chemical and biological weapons

The use of chemical weapons

Can be called chemical weapons are the most deadly. It was first applied by Germany during the First World war against the Russian army – as a result of heavy spraying of chlorine poisoning had been received fifteen thousand Russian soldiers (5000 of them died).. This weapon can instantly destroy a huge number of people.

No less dangerous is considered a biological weapon. We can remember, were sent envelopes with anthrax – a deadly bacteria that lives in soil. The man touching the bacteria, or inhaling its dying. However, this influence can be called a point, and a biological weapon is used on a massive scale, can cause much more serious consequences.



This reactive system of volley fire believe that after the terrible nuclear weapons. To prepare consists of 12 barrels system for battle, it will take 3 minutes and provide a full volley requires 38 seconds. This installation is designed to combat various armored vehicles. Act «Tornado» may, regardless of the time of day, and in a wide temperature range– -50 – +50 degrees.


Intercontinental ballistic missile Voevoda

«Satan» the Americans called Intercontinental ballistic missiles «Voivod», model SS-18. She even appeared on the pages of the Book of records, is recognized as the most powerful of the kind in the world. Created in the Soviet Union in the 70-ies of such missiles and to this day inspire fear in potential adversaries. No wonder Americans are so much afraid of her, because she is able to make a real hell on the territories of the United States and Western Europe. Still analogues of «Satan» was not created.

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