The most powerful Taser in the world

When choosing a stun gun for protection, people often pay attention to its power. Many people want to have in their Arsenal is present a device that will neutralize the attacker and allow you to protect yourself from attacks on life or personal property. The most powerful Taser in the world will be protected from attacks by stray animals that can also be very dangerous. In addition, many such devices are used as lanterns, and some of them can make a loud signal, reminiscent of a police siren, upon hearing which criminals abandon their intentions.

The most powerful Taser in the world

Paralizator Police HY-X8 – the most powerful stun gun in the world

To make the world safer will allow the Taser-stun guns Police HY-X8. It is used as a non-lethal weapon the police of many countries. The power of he – 100 million volts. Such a device allows you to permanently immobilize the attacker. When using it we recommend that you follow the instructions and not to subject a person to prolonged exposure to a Taser that may be detrimental to health.

Police Paralizator hee-x8

Rugged metal housing allows it to be used as batons. He is not prone to damage even when in contact with concrete or other heavy-duty objects. The flashlight is fitted to the Police HY-X8, blinding the attacker and well illuminates a large area.

Vipertek B01

Good option for self defense is a stun gun Vipertek B01, with a capacity of 98 000 000 volts. A notable feature of this device is the ability to control its length. By pressing the stun gun is considerably longer, allowing you to influence the malefactor, being at a certain distance from him. Led flashlight covers a large area, making it easy to navigate even in pitch darkness. This stun gun is massive enough and has a considerable weight, therefore it is not very convenient to carry.

Vipertek B01 ne

Police 53000KV

Much more confident will feel anyone with such a device. Its power is equal to 53 million St. Discharge of Taser will be enough in order to temporarily immobilize the attacker. Tests of the device showed that it has a great impact even on large people who are in good physical shape.

The advantage of the Taser Police 53000KV is a loud signal that the device generates when the button is pressed. The sound may scare away the attackers of the people, but also to signal the approach of danger. Also built into the stun gun flashlight will help you navigate in the dark.


Police 53000KV has other advantages that make it the most popular among buyers:

  • it is equipped with great batteries that hold a charge for a long time;
  • the device connects easily to the network and fast charging;
  • has compact dimensions that allow you to always keep it to yourself;
  • has low weight.

Vipertek VTS-989

One of the biggest is Taser-stun gun Vipertek VTS-989. It has a capacity of 53 000 000 volts. One category of such a device will be enough to neutralize the criminal for some time, allowing to escape from threats or to call for help the police. The stun gun has a led flashlight. The device is easy to use and compact, so that it can be taken in any of the visited places.

Vipertek vc-989

Vipertek VTS-979

Another model of stun gun Vipertek affects its capacity is 51 000 000 volts. Such a discharge makes it easy to protect yourself from attacks. The device manufacturers have tried to create it easy to use and compact that they managed. To learn the features of the stun gun very easy, and thanks to its compact size Vipertek VTS-979 can be placed in any bag and always carry it with you. Flashlight available in the device also has good features. Besides the awesome sound at idle Taser frighteningly affects animals.

Vipertek vc-979


Excellent choice of weapon for self defense is the stun gun Baton. Its capacity is 49 000 000 volts. The discharge of such force for a considerable time paralyzes the attacker person. The device easily penetrates the clothing, so all power is directed to the body of the attacker.


The stun gun has a metal elongated body, which allows its use as a club. Tests showed that even the blow of the concrete does not leave residue on the device.


To be safe on the streets or even in the house, you can use one of the most powerful stun guns Terminator. The device delivers power to 15 million volts, which is enough to neutralize the attacker. A bright flashlight can blind, and awesome sound the idle discharge is able to prevent the attack, scaring off the offender or wild animals.



This stun gun is designed in the form of a flashlight, would be a great weapon for self-defense. Capacity of 4 500 000 volts. It is easy enough, and its body is made of durable materials. It is equipped with a smart battery charge which is enough for a long time.



Women are more likely to experience violence. To protect the fair sex, was made a stun gun resembling the appearance of the lipstick. This small device has a significant capacity of 3.8 million volts. It is easy to immobilize the enemy or deter wild animals. The Taser is easy to use and charged from an ordinary network.



The Sabre stun gun is reliable, compact size and negligible weight. The capacity of the device is 800 000 volts. The most dangerous criminal will be neutralized by Sabre in a few seconds. On the device which are excellent protection against accidental activation that prevents accidental discharge.


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