The most powerful stun gun in Russia

Everyone wants to feel safe and not fear for my life walking through a dark alley. Some people learn physical methods of self-defense, to give the attacker back, others are sprays with different means, adversely affect the human condition. But more and more people are trying to protect themselves from attacks by using stun. This device can permanently incapacitate an attacker and allow time to escape or even disarm the enemy. That is why many try to purchase the most powerful stun gun in Russia.

DASH PDG-S5 is a powerful weapon for self-defense

People to the stun guns are showing increased interest. Is quite a lot of testing of such devices, we investigate the implications thereof. Some defenses can only flip the person with current, and the influence of others leads to paralysis for a few minutes. A powerful device that can bring down even the physically strong, big man, is recognized as a Taser PDG-S5. It also deters animals, creating a loud sound at idle use.


Presentation of the new Taser PDG-S5, released in 2014, have aroused the interest of many people. The device is analogous to known in the world of shooting DASH Taser, and even surpasses it in some respects.

Features DASH PDG-S5

When you create a PDG-S5 used the latest technology, making it possible to create one of the most powerful tools of protection. A Taser can be used as melee or ranged weapons. He has impressive technical specifications:

  • shot range up to 3.5 m;
  • voltage pulse of 50 thousand volts;
  • power – 3 WATTS;
  • weight – 600 g.

Features DASH PDG-S5

The stun gun charged with special cartridges which contains 10 cartridges. The operating principle of the device are as follows:

  • when you press the trigger out probes;
  • the current affects the person as long as you hold the trigger;
  • when you release the shutter used cartridges fall away, and you can do the next shot.


Even the design of the DASH PDG-S5 gives the opportunity to feel much more confident. The device is fabricated in the form of a gun. It is very similar to the weapon that is used in computer games. A stun gun is made in black color and is complemented by various touches of red. Such a weapon is suitable for both men and women. The control buttons are strategically placed to be able to use the device and lefties and righties.


What the test showed?

Taser PDG-S5 was tested countless times. The device in all cases proved to be excellent. It easily penetrates the skin of animals and clothes, the total thickness of which is not less than 45 mm. After firing, the probes not only penetrate the clothes, but also fixed it, which ensures contact with the body. The power delivered to the electrodes, is not lost.


A distinctive feature of PDG-S5 is able to control the range of the probes. The stronger and sharper you pull the trigger, the farther it will fly is released from the device probes.

Special attention was paid to the study of the effects in humans exposed to from a Taser. Severe damage to health was found. But it is impossible to shoot in the head. Also the Carney shots in physically weak people.

Other features DASH PDG-S5

The Taser has a considerable range of operating temperature, which is extremely important in Russia. The build quality is not satisfactory: dust and moisture do not penetrate into the body. The device is equipped with batteries that are easily re-charged. So users can avoid any issues regarding the use of the instrument, it is accompanied by very detailed instructions.

Other features DASH PDG-S5

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