The most powerful smartphone in the world

Technical progress does not stand still and every year the developers of modern gadgets offer buyers more unique and multi-functional smartphones and tablets. Such novelties are in great demand not only among youth but also among older people.

If earlier people were enough simple phone to contact their friends and relatives, today’s pace of life dictates its own terms. It is difficult to imagine a mobile gadget are not equipped with different programs and applications, but not every one of them able to accommodate all the needs of modern man. So what is the most powerful smartphone in the world?

Smartphone Huawei Mate 8

Huawei Mate 8

Replaced the model 7, the Mate 8 is striking in its power and duration of work without recharging. The battery on 4000 mAh is capable of keeping a charge and play Full HD videos on maximum brightness for 11 hours, which puts him on the first position among smartphones on the Android platform. Metal body, fingerprint scanner – it has all the new features of modern gadgets.

Smartphone Huawei Mate 8

The parameters of power Mate 8 surpasses even the widely publicized Samsung Galaxy S7. It is noteworthy that fully charge this model just a couple of hours. The fingerprint scanner is done almost instantly, and a new optical system allows you to take pictures and videos of excellent quality. Chinese manufacturers have supplied this model is not only beautiful and bright interface screen, but the power of the processor. The smartphone is quite large, about 6 inches, so not suitable for everyone.

Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi Mi5

Another flagship among smartphones, deservedly ranked in the top five. It should be noted that in recent years, the rating of Chinese smartphones has increased significantly due to innovations that offer developers. This model is made of glass and metal, and the transition from one material to another is almost unnoticeable to the touch.

The Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5

The power of a smartphone is determined by the charging speed and quality of viewing videos in 3D. Fully charge it for 1.30 min, with the bulk of the charging occurs in the first 20 minutes. The model also has a special safety glass, which fits perfectly into the overall design of the smartphone. As shown by recent testing, most powerful and quick game for the Android platform work without inhibition.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

This smartphone was probably the most anticipated among fans of top models. The technical characteristics and the latest developments specialists of the company allow the model to claim the title of «most powerful smartphone in the world.» Due to the computational cores of its own design, which was used to create the processor, this gadget can become one of the fastest in the world. In developing this model, scientists did not abandon the use of memory cards, and, probably, the smartphone can support microCD of more than 250 MGB.

With a new camera with a large sensor produces high quality images even in low light. The company argued that the pictures will be of such high quality as possible to do with a smartphone. Also the gadget has a larger screen compared to its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Battery 3600 mAh is able to hold a charge for 10 hours of reading or watching videos. Full charging takes 2 hours. Also expect the release of this smartphone, with stronger protection against environmental influences, which should please fans of an active lifestyle.

Apple iPhone 6s

Of course, fans of Apple, I think that this smartphone is the most powerful in the world. First of all, it is worth noting the fingerprint scanner, which reads the data in an instant. Also increased the speed of the GPU, which is especially useful in games with large numbers of resources. Such a perfect game made possible by increasing the RAM by almost half.

Yabloko iPhone 6s

Claimed to support 4G allows you to download the bulk app is much faster than the previous model. The smartphone can be called the most dexterous in the world. Full charging occurs very quickly. Thanks to the front camera, you can use the lights for shooting selfe and the quality of these photos is excellent.

Smartphone Apple iPhone 6s

Perhaps the title of «most powerful smartphone in the world» will long remain, none of today’s contenders, because with the dynamic development of modern gadgets, every year the market will appear more and more perfect models.

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