The most powerful laser in the world

In childhood every boy dreamed to become the owner of such weapons as a laser. It was considered one of the coolest devices that could spew deadly radiation. And Hollywood movies about the future where the heroes simply impossible to imagine without such an accessory? But the most powerful laser in the world today able to capture the imagination of not only the child, but an adult, and the possibilities are simply endless…

Since the establishment in 1960, Robert Maiman first functioning laser was a little over 50 years, and progress stepped forward strides. The principle of operation of any laser pumping energy, and then its transformation into a polarized and highly directional flow of light with a narrow interval length. Today, such installations are used to study the fundamental properties of matter, modeling of the supernova and a small controlled nuclear fusion reactions. And the larger the laser power, the stronger it affects the plot. Scientists are trying to break the space and see how particles behave within the atom.


Two sets claim to be the most powerful laser in the world.

Japan, Osaka University

July 27, 2015 scientists have reconstructed the achievement, saying that at a 100-meter installation LFEX (Laser for experiments with low initiation) was achieved when the peak 2 petawatts.

This intensity exceeds a thousand times the energy consumption on the planet, but the whole process is one trillionth of a second, so this incredible power comes, so to speak, «densely Packed». The energy is very small — 2 kJ (as consumes home kettle for 1 second), but fantastically strong at the expense of its focus. The whole pulse is formed for the billionth of a microsecond and the beam of light passes through a lens system, mirrors, compressors and conveyors, located on the square the size of a small football field.


This energy is enough to boil a Cup of water, and the output is a piece of solar plasma, located on the site of a few centimeters.

The Japanese are not going to stop there and soon going to increase the record for most powerful laser in the world in 5 times, to 10 petawatts.


Shanghai Institute of fine mechanics and optics

Here in 2013, has achieved a similar power to 2 trillion watts, only the energy charge was much less than — j 72,6. This laser was created in 2007 and the achievements of the Chinese in this area cannot fail to command respect, another thing is that they don’t really want to share information with the world.


Any powerful laser costs tens of millions of dollars, but it is necessary for the incredible number of discoveries. Moreover, in addition to unraveling the mysteries of the Universe the achievements of the world’s most powerful laser can be used in medicine, physics and biology, as well as to build a future of humanity without carbon and nuclear waste.

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