The most powerful army in the world

Despite the fact that in the XXI century, mankind still prefers the language of force. If the state has a good military capacity, he will be considered as for example, Somalia, which is known is the fact that in addition to weapons, nothing more. What army is the strongest in the world and gives an advantage to its citizens?


Military budget of the state 692 million dollars. America spends to support the defence force 4.4% of GDP (Gross external product), which is almost two times more than in any other state. The build up is due to economic success, but not at the expense of the welfare of citizens, which gives reason to the Americans once again proud of their country.

On a voluntary basis, serving more than 700 thousand people, and over a million are in reserve. Ground equipment is more than 55 thousand objects, more than 18 thousand units and more than 2000 ships and 11 aircraft carriers (each of which enables to lead the water battle). Plus – 32 satellite and 450 Intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of 15 thousand kilometers. The country has participated in almost all the local wars of both world, Korean, Vietnamese, Iraqi and Afghan. One distinct strategic advantage – grouping of the NATO, which together with the United States included 12 European countries and Canada. This means that the US military bases scattered all over the world and take part in any armed conflict.


And how Russia can be a question many of you? With a budget of $ 74 million and the number of soldiers more than a million people in the state are definitely in the top three leaders of world military powers. While Russia itself is a nuclear country and it allows her to have the last word in many controversial issues.

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