The most powerful aphrodisiacs for men

To strengthen libido and to new sensations is possible by resorting to the conventional products. Aphrodisiacs for men are different from products that can increase sexual desire women. They can be both vegetable and animal origin. We know what the most powerful aphrodisiacs for men.

1. Pine nuts or butter

Great effect on the perception of men. It is enough to put a handful of nuts in the salad.

2. Marine products

It can be fish, crayfish, mussels, shrimp. They can rightly be called one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. No wonder tireless Casanova ate for Breakfast oysters.

3. Patchouli oil

It not only increase sexual energy, but also normalizes the hormonal balance. The oil contributes to the rejuvenation of the endocrine system in men and helps to increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

4. Bow

You can use green onions, shallots. Its use in fresh leads to increased potency. Onion also helps restore hormonal balance.

5. Asparagus

To save all the substances it is recommended to cook it steamed or grilled. Asparagus contains vitamin E, which promotes the passage of oxygen to the genitals. Use it shoots leads to increased pleasurable sensations.

6. Salad of dandelions or nettle seeds

This is a great natural stimulant. But salad made the ointment of love on the basis of dry wine and the seeds of the nettle.

7. Herbs and spices

They improve the blood supply of the genital organs, are necessary to provide the body tone. The main spices that are involved in these processes are curry, chili, pepper, cardamom.

8. Nutmeg

Has a stimulating and toning effect. It’s also used to restore sexual desire, or in the treatment of potency.

9. Parsley

The main effect of greenery is a decrease in the activity of female hormones. As a result, the body increases the amount of testosterone.

10. Ginger

The root is used to increase libido, increased potency. It also gives the whole body energy and strengthens it.

To pass the evening, as you expect, it is not advised to combine these foods with alcohol.

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