The most populated continent in the world

Everyone at school learned that the globe six continents, each of which has its own unique differences. For example, Australia is the smallest continent, Antarctica – deserted and cold, while Africa, the hottest. But the undoubted leader in many respects acts Eurasia. It is the largest continent in area, which is bordered by four oceans. Besides, Eurasia is the most populated continent in the world, which are home to 70% of the entire population of the planet. It’s not all records, which are abundant in the continent.

The most populated continent in the world

Eurasia is the most populated continent on the Earth

Currently, the Eurasian continent is home to more than 4.6 billion people. However, this is statistics which can differ from the real population. A systematic census of citizens is carried out most often in Europe and in some Asian countries to make it not possible.


Eurasia is not evenly populated. There are areas in which the population density amounts to several thousand people in 1.kV. km. these include some European countries and almost all Asian States. The leader in terms one of the smallest countries Monaco. In this 1 sq km is home to more than 18.6 thousand persons. least of all people is found in Northern areas of the continent, per 1 sq. km accounting for only 2 people.

The Countries Of Eurasia

The continent includes 92 countries, each of which has a number of significant differences. In the largest States include Russia, China and Indonesia. The smallest countries are Vatican city, Monaco, San Marino. Different countries and the level of development. To the countries with the highest levels of the economy and other important spheres are:

  • Japan;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • England.

The Countries Of Eurasia

On the mainland are countries that are world leaders in the number of citizens. Only in China, home to more than 1.38 billion people, and in India the number of people exceeds the 1.33 billion. In these countries account for almost 50% of the total population of the planet. They have the world’s highest birth rates, so we can expect a significant increase in population density in their territory.

A very different picture is present in the States of Europe. Here for decades is the demographic crisis. Due to low birth rates in these countries significantly increases the statistical life expectancy due to the rising percentage of older citizens.

The ethnic picture of Eurasia

All the peoples of the Eurasian continent can be attributed to two major races: Caucasoid and Mongoloid. They measure the resettlement of people on the continent divided into several branches. The Caucasoid race includes two branches: Northern and southern. Representatives of the first are concentrated in the Northern half of Europe and have bright hair, eyes. They also have lighter skin color. Southern Caucasians differ in dark skin, dark hair and eyes. The representatives of this race inhabit the southern area of Europe.

The ethnic picture of Eurasia

Mongoloid race includes the following branches: North, American, Pacific. Their representatives inherent in dark skin color with a yellowish tinge, dark eyes and hair, the bigger size of the face. Mongoloids inhabiting the Asian part of the continent.

Eurasia – the mother of ancient civilizations

The mainland is notable for the fact that its open spaces were the most ancient civilizations: Sumerian and Chinese. It is difficult to overestimate their role in the development of the world’s population. They began to form the scaffolding for the development of spirituality and culture. In some countries still feel the impact of these civilizations.

The Sumerian civilization

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