The most popular soup in Russia

It is no secret that in Russia, like the soup — plate of fragrant hot dishes will not leave indifferent any indigenous Russians. The climate in our country is pretty harsh, and the hot soup helps warm you up. The house in which there is a pot of soup, the smell of comfort and family warmth. What kind of soup is most popular in Russia, let’s try to understand.

Over the long history Russian cuisine has been enriched by hundreds of recipes for soups, sauces, gravies. Soup hardly ever go out of fashion — a variety of recipes is unlimited. Soup – main dish, sets the tone for the day and the rest of the menu.

By the way, it is believed that guests to offer soup indecent. Ready to argue with this statement, the most popular soup in Russia, the title of which is ready to claim the first few dishes, can look very festive, for example, shurpa.



To prepare this soup, we need the cauldron. This Oriental soup is cooked on a lamb. It turns out thick, spicy, very greasy soup. The distinguishing feature of this dish is that all the vegetables are cut large pieces. Carrots should be cut into four pieces, large potatoes and divide in half, and small ones can be put in whole.

So, we will need a piece of lamb on the bone, which is pre-must be well heated in a wok – so mytopics the extra fat that we do not need. The fat can be drained if it is you may want for future needs – can be poured into a special container. After this procedure take a large kettle, pour in hot water and put in our meat. Leave to cook the broth.

You can throw in cooking the broth garlic – a few cloves in raw form. In a wok, which was hot mutton, fry the chopped onions, add the onions, spices – pepper black and fragrant, the cumin, paprika. Ready zazharku aside.

The broth cook until until the meat reaches readiness. Then put in the cauldron to the vegetables and cook until tender. For a few minutes until cooked, should fill our soup zazharku, chopped herbs and chopped garlic. Turn off and leave to infuse – then eat and enjoy the wonderful taste and aroma.



Another soup that can claim the title of the most popular soup in Russia, kharcho. This thick, spicy, sharp Caucasian soup is based on beef. A piece of meat before you cook it into a soup should be pre-divided into portions.

All we will need in order to make this a favorite of many, soup – meat, rice, onion, tomato, spices, garlic, seasonings. In stock ready to ship the rice, then sauté, hot pepper, finely chopped garlic, a couple tablespoons of plum sauce or pomegranate sauce (Narsharab).

By the way, in cooking kharcho is a little trick – if you don’t want rice «zamylili» broth, cook it separately.



The most popular winter soup in Russia. For its preparation we will need to stock up on dried porcini mushrooms. And still need pearl barley, onions. Of spices – pepper. All other ingredients will kill the spirit of the mushroom.

Before cooking mushrooms, they should be soaked in cold water or milk for a few hours. The liquid is then drained – we won’t need it. Cook barley separately, can be baked in the oven in a pot. When the mushrooms are cooked until soft, thrown into a saucepan finished barley and browned onions. As an add put in a bowl with a soup spoon of sour cream.



Summer special love Russians enjoy hash. This cold soup is cooked on kvass or on kefir. Vegetables, herbs and meat products are chopped into fine pieces and pour the above liquids.

For making this refreshing soup, we will need a few potatoes, a couple of fresh cucumbers, green onions, stuff three boiled eggs, a piece of boiled lean meat. All the ingredients and chop, mix in a saucepan, fill with water. The severity is governed by the mustard. Put in the fridge, give him a good we chill. Pour into a bowl, season with sour cream.



One of the most popular soups in Russia – pickle. This soup has a special taste – it is cooked with pickles. The hostess, who learned the science of tasty pickle, bears the title of «real talent».

In order to prepare the classic version of the pickle, you will need potatoes, pickles, carrots, tomato paste, pearl barley, onions, greens. Pearl barley rinsed, steamed with boiling water and cook for about an hour. Vegetables and roots cut into cubes, onion sauté with tomato paste. With cucumbers remove the skin if it is coarse and remove large seeds.

With pearl barley drain it, put it in a pot of boiling broth, boil for half an hour. Then add the vegetables and potatoes in a few minutes to throw cucumbers for five minutes until cooked add the cucumber pickle.

Seasoned pickle greens and sour cream.



Perhaps the most popular soup in Russia, it’s all the same soup. The recipe of this soup each family your. The thought of this soup based on beets, different. People are willing to argue about the soup hotter and louder than politics. But we still take the risk, and give you a classic recipe of borsch with meat.

For the broth we will need a piece of pork or beef. While our meat is cooked to readiness, we will prepare the vegetables. Beets and carrots to grate on a coarse grater, onion finely chopped, potatoes cut into cubes, shred cabbage.

In stock ready to drop the potatoes and cabbage. Under the pan should be a small fire. At the same time, fry in vegetable oil onions and carrots, after five minutes of frying, add half a serving of beets. Add vinegar and sugar, stir and simmer a few minutes. At the end add the tomatoes, salt, pepper and a little put out.

The rest of the beets place in a bowl, fill with boiling water, add one teaspoon of vinegar. The separated beetroot juice could come in handy in order to make our soup more intense.

When ready, in a pot of soup omit the roast and Bay leaf. Bring to the boil, add the garlic and beet juice. Cover with a lid, turn off heat and infuse.

Bon appétit!

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