The most popular song in the world

One of the most popular answers to the question «What would you take to a desert island?» is: «always take your favorite music!». And it’s a good decision, because music is capable of many things: it maintains the spirit, suggests the new achievements, create a mood, helps to experience hardships and to treat wounds. A few time-tested entries in the playlist of almost every music lover. Record label Sony approached the issue scientifically, conducted a survey of students and found out what the most popular song in the world. Along the way, it turned out that each of the songs, which occupy the highest positions of the ranking, still and extremely interesting history of creation.

First place: Queen «We Are The Champions», 1977

GroupThe Group «Queen»

And rightly so: it is difficult to imagine a song more creative than this. «We are the Champions, my friend we will fight till the end!» — convinces the listener of Freddie mercury. What exactly the author’s intention to write a song for football fans; a song that will support the players and inspire them to win. And the idea is more than possible: the track not only became the anthem of the fans, but number one on the list of popular songs and traditional music for the ceremony other athletes, not only footballers. And just fell to everyone’s taste: no need to be a refined music connoisseur and professional critic, to one day after listening to «We Are The Champions», to understand it, to love and remember forever. Finally, like every mega-hit «We Are The Champions» was reused for the soundtrack of films, cartoons and games of different genres, from Comedy to serious art.

Second place: The Beatles «Yesterday», 1965

The BeatlesThe Beatles

The number of remakes melancholic rock ballads Paul McCartney don’t count — in all their variety of styles and genres. For this reason «Yesterday» made it into the Guinness Book of records as the song, which recorded the highest number of covers. (You know, the compilers of the Book that covers regularly becomes more?) Although the original reads simply: calm guitar brute force, plain text, does not require special intellectual understanding, and therefore understandable to all; but the main thing here not even a text, and a motif that etched in my memory from first listen and touches the soul. That only proves the rule, which States that all simple, to make hard: in recognition of the musician, the spelling of this hit was hard, especially because the process was not attended by other members of the band. Interesting fact: thanks to the Beatles song got to the number of fans of the older generation, for whom «Yesterday» closer and clearer rock-n-roll hits of youth.

Third place: Franz Schubert,»Ave Maria», 1825

Franz SchubertFranz Schubert

Here, the rating suddenly appears a Catholic prayer to the virgin Mary. How many in the world of prayers, which became a worldwide hit, and performed by singers of different countries? «Ave Maria» (translated as «Hail, Mary») deserves special attention due to the interesting and complicated history. Schubert wrote a few songs on poems popular among his contemporaries, the poems of sir Walter Scott’s «lady of the lake». One of the songs of the cycle were called «Ave Maria». In it, the composer used the phrase «Ave Maria», not referring to the very prayer. But the situation took advantage and began to sing a prayer to the music of this song by Schubert. Despite the existence of several tunes written for the intended purpose, under the text of the prayer.

Fourth place: sisters hill Happy Birthday to You», 1912

Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday to You

What immediately comes to mind at the mention of this song? The candles on the cake and mysterious Marilyn Monroe in the chic dress with a musical greeting to Kennedy. About the history of the origin of the song is known very little. It seems to be folk art, but it is not so. Two teachers of Junior classes wrote a series of children’s poems. A fragment of one of the poems rhythmically well suited for the future congratulations on the birthday. So the words of the original were replaced by others, and left those lines that we know today; and then they sang a beautiful melody. Somehow the songs managed to get out of people and get reprinted in a collection of notes, making a simple catchy tune has quickly spread around the world. Now even those who for some reason have not heard other songs from rating, on every birthday doing exactly what I did when first authors: happily sings «Happy Birthday to You», adding in the text the name of the honoree.


The music industry is constantly changing and new styles, approaches to the arrangements of the songs acquire synthetic computer processing. And how nice on this background to realize that the flow of time are not forgotten loved all the songs, is able to penetrate into every heart, from small to large.

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