The most popular books

Preferences in the literature is individual to each person, but there are books, new or have passed through the centuries who have managed to gather a real army of fans. The most popular books does not necessarily carry the greatest literary value, but for some reason, they still were recognized by the people.

«The alchemist», Paolo Coelho, 1988

The Alchemist By Paolo Coelho

Works under the authorship Coelho is, most often, novels aimed at a female audience. «The alchemist» several stands out against the background. Its plot is based on European folklore. The main character, a shepherd named Santiago saw a dream, went to Egypt in search of treasure. The fact that the book was translated into 67 languages, suggests that penetrate «the Alchemist» people can not only regardless of their gender, but also by place of residence.

«Shantaram», Gregory David Roberts, 2003, (2010)


Not many modern (as well as classical) literature tells us about life in India. Shantaram opens it just the way it is actually, without superfluous decorations. In this regard, the work of Gregory Roberts really deserves attention. The protagonist of the narrative – a former drug addict and thief who managed to escape from prison. About how his life is described in the book, deserves consideration and recognition, each reader must decide for himself.

«A song of Ice and fire», George R. G. Martin, 1996

A song of Ice and fire

Many fans of the series can not even guess that «Game of thrones» appeared thanks to a series of novels by George Martin. Today produced 7 books, and three books subcycle «the story of Dance and egg».

«Dandelion wine», ray Bradbury, 1957

Dandelion wine

The story gained its popularity due to the incredible level of ease and light. The action takes place in the summer, and all events are somehow tied to this time of year. Namely dandelion wine – the symbol of light and heat.

«Fifty shades of grey», E. L. James, 2011

Fifty shades of grey

Not only are bright and deep book find its fans, but also representatives of other categories. The erotic novel has managed to become a bestseller in two countries, and to disperse millions of copies in 37-V. This is one of those works that cannot be treated by far – you need to examine it to form an opinion.

«The master and Margarita» Mikhail Bulgakov, 1966

Maister I Margarita

Not so many representatives of the Russian classics was able to get a real worldwide popularity. «The master and Margarita» is a true example of such popularity. Almost all of the text parsed into a variety of quotations, for many this book is a desktop or one of my favorites. Complex plot, combined in an original romantic line, selects «Master and Margarita» on the background of other works of Russian classics.

«The picture of Dorian gray», Oscar Wilde, 1890

The Picture Of Dorian Gray

The popularity of the books to some extent can be judged by their film adaptations. The story of the selfish Dorian filmed more than thirty times, but neither movie could not be more popular than the original book.

«One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel garcía márquez, 1967

One hundred years of solitude

The novel has a complex composition. All long sentences, direct speech is almost absent, and events looped. The plot is complex, the characters and the chronology can be confusing, but it does not prevent the book to be one of the most popular Spanish works.

«The thirteenth tale», Diane Setterfield, 2006

the thirteenth tale

A certain amount of negative criticism was for «the Thirteenth tale» an obstacle to the bestseller and «new «Jane Eyre». Do not be fooled by the word «tale» is a work suitable for adults and examines quite vital questions.

«The little Prince» Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 1943.

The little Prince

But this novel by genre include just the same fairy tales, with tales of philosophical. «The little Prince» are in school, read to children, but the essence of the work remains difficult, largely understandable only to adults. The tale is striking for the number of available translations, their 180, and this includes as the main languages of many countries, and a number of less frequently used. «The little Prince» contributed to the creation of several films, ballets, musicals and many songs.

«Alice’s adventures in Wonderland», Lewis Carroll, 1865.


Another tale, the name of which at all on hearing. Despite the absurd plot, the author managed to conceal in his book many things to explore that literary researchers have spent years. The story of Alice a real cult, has many adaptations in the form of film and animation.

«The old man and the sea» Ernest Hemingway, 1952

Perhaps the most popular work by Hemingway. Like, two characters and rather simple plot twists, managed to create a masterpiece, every reader needs to know through personal experience.

For the history of literature was created a huge number of decent works. A list of the most popular books can be expanded constantly as new masterpieces continue to emerge in the 21st century.

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