The most popular books in the world

For many years one of the popular options of spending time is reading books. Many people, having a spare moment, trying to plunge into the mysterious world, masterfully described by talented authors, or gleaned wisdom from another cautionary tale. Pretty hard to determine what books are most often given preference. To make the assumption allows the number of copies sold of a literary masterpiece. It is on the basis of indicators of the modern market, you can determine which is today the most popular books in the world.

The most popular books in the world

The Bible is the most popular book

One of the most popular books for many centuries is the Bible. Today, this collection of Scriptures is present in almost every house, which is inhabited by Jews or Christians. The Bible consists of 66 books, written by different authors over 16 centuries. Calculations showed that was spread around 3.9 billion copies of compilations of the sacred texts.

The Bible

The Bible can be called the most international book. There are more than 2 thousand translations of the Holy Scripture, making it available in different countries of the world. The book has a number of striking differences:

  • despite the fact that it was written by many authors, there are no contradictions, and all texts are logically complementary;
  • according to experts, the Bible understandable to almost any person who even has no education;
  • the authors of Scripture have come from all walks of life, from ordinary workers and ending with the kings;
  • to read the old Testament to about 38 hours;
  • reading the New Testament it takes on average about 11 hours.

«Quotations Of Mao Zedong»

The collection of statements of the Chinese leader Mao TSE-Tung was issued in the amount of approximately 820 million copies, which allowed him to become the second most widely read book. The first edition of quotations dates from 1966. At that time every citizen of the Republic of China it was necessary to study the statements of the leader of the state that made «the little Red book» is so popular. In 1976, a study of the quotations of Chairman Mao was discontinued, and now the book can only be found on the shelves of stores that offer Antiques.

«Harry Potter»

In third place among the most popular books is a series of novels about a talented young wizard Harry Potter, written by British author J. K. Rowling. The release of the first part of the story dates back to 1997. To date, readers purchased more than 400 million copies of the fantasy novel. As studies have shown, books about Harry Potter most of all liking young people. Young readers will be happy to plunge into the world of amazing adventures of eleven-year-old boy, who for several years protecting the magical world from the evil wizard and picks up the victory.

«The Lord of the rings»

In 1954, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien had finished the book «Lord of the rings», which became the fourth most popular stories. The author has created a fairly lengthy novel about the magic circle of the inhabitants of middle-earth, which was eventually divided into three parts:

  • «The fellowship of the ring»;
  • «The two towers»;
  • «The return of the king».

To date, the number of copies sold is a fascinating fantasy story exceeds 103 million.

«The alchemist»

The story of a treasure hunt a simple shepherd from Andalusia, written by Paulo Coelho, ranked fifth in the list of most popular books. The novel captures not only the exciting adventures of the main character, but instructive result. Shepherd Santiago had to endure many trials and a long way to go to understand where actually were the most valuable hidden treasures.

«The da Vinci code»

The author of the novel of Dan brown «da Vinci Code», which was the sixth in the ranking of the most popular books. The mysterious murder of the curator of the Louvre Jacques saunière and related mysteries capture the reader and hold until the last page. The main character of the story had to deal with extremely difficult puzzles, the answers to which are hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci. The book was published in 2003. Since it was sold about 57 million copies of whirlwind romance.

«Twilight. Saga»

Many hearts subdued novel «Twilight. Saga» written by a housewife from America Stephenie Meyer. A woman in a dream he saw the history of lovers young people who are the main characters of the book. Readers fascinated fantasy story about passionate feelings between a young girl and a handsome vampire. Despite the fierce attacks of many critics, the book takes the seventh place by popularity. To date they have purchased approximately 43 million copies of the printed story to the world.

Gone with the wind

Romantic drama gone with the wind created by a writer from America Margaret Mitchell, is the eighth most widely read book. The plot of the novel based on the memories of Margaret, who in childhood had heard exciting stories about the Civil war from their parents. It sold about 33 million copies of the book. The real sensation was the film based on the novel «gone with the wind», who managed to get 8 Oscars.

Gone with the wind

«Think and grow rich»

Ninth in the ranking of the most popular is the book «Think and grow rich» author Napoleon hill outlines the steps to success and goal achievement. The writer derived the formula for success have helped many people radically change their lives. The book has for several decades kept the top selling. For 50 years, the company sold 30 million copies of useful history, the relevance of which only increases.

«The Diary Of Anne Frank»

Tenth place in the ranking of the most popular is the book «the Diary of Anne Frank», which sets out the record of a Jewish girl, Anna, who survived the Nazi occupation. The girl, who was hiding with others from certain death in a shelter, every day I wrote letters to a fictional friend. They Anne Frank talked about events, and about their thinking. The girl died in a concentration camp, where were all of her family after the disclosure of asylum. Her father, who survived, had published records of his daughter. On the basis of the diary was created, the book became a bestseller. The number of sold copies is 27 million.

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