The most popular attractions of Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is famous for its magnificent buildings, splendid temples, which are located near modern buildings. A lot of interesting places waiting for tourists, each of which fascinates and surprises with its history. In the colorful city of many places which can be included in the list of the most popular attractions in Bangkok. We offer to get acquainted with the most worthy.

The Askra Theatre

Theatre Arms

Is the landmark on the first floor of the Mall. The views that can be seen within the walls of the theater are the most famous because they’re famous doll Arms. Every day this place is visited by more than 600 people. Here you can see both dramatic and classical works. The show is accompanied by the incomparable traditional costumes, excellent sound and lighting. Music is played live by the famous orchestra.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun

The temple was built in the 19th century and is best known for their high spires, which seen from afar. Outside, the building surprises with unusual decorations in the form of decorative floral patterns, porcelain and other items.

Ananta Samakhom

Ananta By Samaha

Visitors conquering the throne room, which is the most beautiful building in the style of the Renaissance. It was built in 1905 by king Rama V. the Building was intended for the reception of foreign guests.

Temple Of The Emerald Buddha

The Temple Of The Emerald Buddy

The construction causes admiration absolute for all tourists. The date of construction of the temple is considered to be in 1782. For 150 years it served as home to the Thai rulers and their servants. Travelers carries not only the unusual building of the temple itself, but also a lot of amazing detail on the facade. Near it are the most accurate Buddha statue made of pure emerald.

The butterfly garden

The butterfly garden

It is interesting in that it is possible to admire the beautiful insects in their natural habitat. The creators have tried to organize as much as possible conditions. Visitors are allowed to hold different types of butterflies. For the curious invented interesting programs and interactive contests.

Floating market

Floating market

Want to buy groceries in Bangkok, then look for a boat. It is the most famous market of Damnoen Saduak. Here you can buy a variety of vegetables and fruits. And for those who are hungry, merchants will offer a bowl of noodles and seafood cooked on the grill.

A list of the most popular attractions in Bangkok you can continue indefinitely. This includes the Chinatown, the puppet Museum, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, flower market and many others. Amazing city hides many discoveries, interesting and unusual places, which, of course, it is better to see live.

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