The most poisonous mushroom

How many mushrooms can be found in our forests, and what a delicious one can get lunch or dinner! The main dial is edible and to avoid toxic to the stomach and it was nice to live there was no danger whatsoever. Therefore, before to go to the forest in search of mushrooms, you should learn which mushrooms are edible and which under any pretext to not eat. After all, the most poisonous mushroom can kill a person, try just a small part of it.

And the most toxic and most common, is the pale toadstool, toxins which do not disappear even after prolonged heat treatment or drying.

Pale toadstool

This is particularly dangerous for human life mushroom on the opinion of those who have tried it, but miraculously survived, surprisingly has a great taste. However, it is not necessary to use it, because in a single mushroom contains a number of toxins that can kill 3-4 people.

Pale toadstool: distinctive features

The most poisonous mushroom (Amanita genus) can have a hat by green color (the most common) to white (this color is less common). However, the cracker can have a hat and a yellowish-brown, and with the presence of white plates. Most often this dangerous fungus confused with some edible, for example, with mushrooms. If the toadstool has a green hat, it can easily be confused with Russula of the same color. However, at the base of legs pale toadstool has some thickening, and there is a membranous ring at the top. These have no green Russula – this is their main difference.

The differences between russule and pale toadstool

Grebes (young and old) have plates in white color, and colorless spores. And the mushrooms, with which they confused the cap on the bottom has a pinkish-brown color from a new mushroom or black at an old mushroom. You can also distinguish this dangerous toadstool and the mushroom smell: the first has no smell, and champignon «smells like anise or almonds (old mushroom smells somewhat unpleasant, with a touch of sweet).

Pale toadstool, quite thoroughly studied by scientists to discover its biologically active substances. The main toxin in it are α-amanitin, which cause great harm to the kidneys and liver, leading to death. Poisonous spores are a pale toadstool, it is not recommended to collect located close to it herbs, berries and mushrooms as poisonous substances are easily transmitted to other plants and fungi, and their use in food may cause severe poisoning.

The differences pale toadstool and a mushroom

When symptoms of poisoning?

Symptoms of poisoning pale toadstool not appear immediately – it can take from 8 to 72 hours. This is the main danger of using this fungus, because not only is he poisoning, and within it many authorities are already exposed to toxic substances. Therefore, sometimes missed the time when poisoned can still be something to help – as a result of poisoning may be accompanied by fatal.

The symptoms are abdominal pain, dizziness, constant vomiting, liquid stool with blood splashes, the selection of cold sweat. May cause jaundice, symptoms of kidney and liver nedostatochnosty, people may even fall into a coma.

Cracker white

After the symptoms started, very high risk of death, as treatment is often ineffective. However, there are few known antidotes, for example, a substance obtained from milk Thistle – but to help remedy can only when taking it immediately after the poisoning.

What are some deadly mushrooms?

In addition to the death caps are deadly there’s still a white mushroom (spring) and smelly. The white mushroom is very similar to a pale toadstool, and even considered it a kind.

White mushroom

The smelly mushroom is often confused with mushrooms. And this is often cause serious mushroom poisoning, which often ends lethal.

Sperduti mushroom

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