The most poisonous creature in the world

The animals are accustomed to protect themselves from attack, and they do so in different ways. Someone resorts to the sharp fangs and powerful jaws, and someone just needs to blow off some highly toxic poison to kill its victim in seconds. If the fangs of predators visible to the naked eye, the most poisonous creature in the world can not immediately recognize. Who can be attributed to such animals, which should bypass the tenth road.


Puffer fish (fish ball)

This inhabitant of the deep sea really is shaped like a ball, its also called swellfish, the puffer fish. The poison of this fish has no antidote, and all you can do is artificially maintained respiratory and circulatory system until the body is not cleared from the poison.

RIBA puffer

Lethal dose of tetrodotoxin literally permeates the entire body of this fish, it is and liver, and caviar, and even in the skin. But Japanese gourmets, this fact is absolutely not confusing, and they prepare a special dish of fish – dogs, which you can taste in many Japanese restaurants. This dish is for the real adventurers who want to experience the thrill. But if the chef was unable to properly prepare fugu, it threatens death to those who ate this dish.

To be eligible to cook the fish ball, Japanese chefs undergo specialized training, after which they shall be issued a certificate of admission. But even that is not hundred percent guarantee security. Visitors to the Japanese restaurant of the town Tsuruoka in 2009 poisoned this dish, and to save them was impossible.

Fish – stone

This fish can hardly be called beautiful, but the title of the most venomous creature in the world, it is completely justified. Toxins of this fish are in the spine, with their help it is protected from predators. Experts say that the bite of a fish stone cause such severe pain in the affected location that victims agree to the amputation, to stop the suffering. No wonder Australians call it the sea vampire, but it should be noted that the fish–stone never attack people first. Just so it merges with the sea bottom that people may accidently step on her, and she immediately sticks his poisoned thorns into the victim.

Fish stone

The poison of this fish is highly toxic, and many after meeting her disability, as it affects the Central nervous system, and paralysis. The poison spreads throughout the body very quickly and after 4 hours, death can occur if not immediately to take the necessary measures. A person begin strong hallucinations, convulsions, up to a total loss of consciousness. It soothes the mere fact that in our area this fish is not usual, the place her residence is the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Red sea.

Brazilian banana spider

This inhabitant of subtropical and tropical regions made it into the Guinness book of records as one of the most poisonous spiders on earth. It is also called a traveller or a wandering spider. This name he received for his habit all the time to move and move from place to place. Banana spider builds a web, but he prefers to hide in crevices, climbing even in people’s homes. It can be found in the car, and shoes, and clothing.

Banana spider

Especially this spider loves to eat bananas and often climbs into the box with this fruit. For an adult its venom is not as dangerous for children and if time does not enter the antidote, then comes death. The person who was bitten by a banana spider, instantly increases blood pressure and severe tachycardia starts, he just starts to choke.

Kotikova poisonous frog

Nickname this frog got the hunters, the natives, who killed her using a small sharp dart. The appearance of this creature nothing hints at its special danger, absolutely harmless at first sight, it carries in itself such an amount of poison that can kill an adult Jaguar. Frog–dendrobates is also a representative of the Guinness book, and lives in South Africa and some parts of Central America.

Kotikova toad

Against the poison of this small (2 – 2.5 cm) frog was not invented antidote, so meeting him doesn’t Bode well. The danger of this poison is its nerve paralytic action, in addition, the composition includes about a hundred different substances, and therefore there is a difficulty in creating the proper antidote.

Marble snail

As it is not considered to be snails dangerous animals, but not this one. A resident of the Australian coastline snail–cone has a portion of deadly poison, which is enough to kill about 20 people. Nature endowed her with a special harpoon, which is impregnated with the poisonous substance. She can spend hours to hunt down your prey and at the opportune moment just shoots it with his harpoon. I hate what the antidote does not exist. Have bitten human is paralysis of the respiratory tract and occurs almost instantaneous death.

Marmurowa ravlik

Scorpion leiurus quinquestriatus

As a rule, none of the Scorpion does not attack people first, and maybe only defensively, to release their toxic substance. No exception and this resident of the Middle East. He also took a place in this list as the most poisonous creature in the world. Neurotoxins, which are armed with this Scorpion, lead to a complete paralysis.



Probably, the first prize for toxicity, still, will get for this jellyfish, which is so named because of its shape. And it is quite natural, because her venom has killed about 6 000 people, and it is only if we take into account the last 60 years. Toxic poison affects the heart and nervous system, and the bite is so painful that a person can just drown from a painful shock. Asia and Australia are the places of its habitat.


Even inconspicuous and not dangerous the creature could be poisonous, so going to travel in distant countries, you need to be very careful.

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