The most poisonous animal in the world

Some animals are endowed with great power, someone endowed with a powerful fangs and sharp teeth, and some species make use of highly toxic poisons. All this wisdom is needed for hunting, and to protect his own life. In today’s collection we will tell you about the most poisonous animals in the world.



Lives in the warm waters of the Pacific ocean. Faced with such a creature, man would die from a heart attack within the next two to five minutes. The poison works almost immediately, but at first you feel a sharp burning at the contact. The most poisonous animal in the world has long interested scientists, there were attempts to create an antidote. And it has been found, the tool neutralized the poison, but people who are faced with the box jellyfish, were doomed. For a long time scientists around the world struggled with the mystery of jellyfish, only Hawaii, scientists were able to determine the cause of such a rapid and effective heart attack.

It turns out that the venom of the jellyfish contains a special protein, Porin, it performs most of the work. In the membranes of apertures through which the potassium ions are derived from red blood cells and into the blood plasma. Due to this disturbed the rhythmic work of the heart muscle. This explains the failure of the antidote to prevent a fatal outcome, he is powerless against porina. However, the way to resist the harmful protein found — enough to enter the affected calcium gluconate – so you can pull out the ill-fated squirrel. Every year the jellyfish killed a couple people, but we must try to reduce mortality from this poisonous animal to zero.

King Cobra

King Cobra

This Cobra is very big in size found in the forest part of most Asian countries. Usually this chord reptile can reach four meters, but there are specimens with a length of six meters. If this snake bites you, then the 75% that all will end in death. Rumor has it that a king Cobra can control the amount of produced poison, it all depends on the goals of the snake – she wants to kill or just scare. The maximum that produced poison – 7 ml, this quantity can kill even an elephant.

The snake feeds on other venomous snakes – cobras, kraits, decorated with asps. Can eat birds, rodents, lizards. At the time when the Cobra is on guard of its nest, it fast – this period may be delayed up to three months. The only enemy of this poisonous animal is the mongoose, nimble and agile animal capable of leaping on the neck of a snake, to bite her – and for her fatal.

Or phyllobates poison frogs

Poisonous frogs

This tiny, size 2-4 cm, lives in Colombia. Having chosen the lower tier of tropical trees, are diurnal. Have a bright contrasting color and very poisonous. On the legs there is no membrane, but at the end of your fingers is something like cups – they help the frog to move around the leaves. They feed mainly on small insects.

In frog poison more than a hundred different substances – it contains the nerve substance, against which there is no antidote. From a single portion of the poison this frog can die up to 10 people. In ancient times the poison of the most poisonous animals in the world smeared arrowheads was a deadly weapon. Despite the small and defenseless appearance is the real killer.

The puffer fish


This resembles the bulb fish is fraught with a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin. Despite the fact that there’s no antidote, in the land of the rising sun is a real delicacy. Just checked the cooks are allowed to prepare this exotic dish. To neutralize the poison that is in the skin, eggs, liver, gall bladder, you must have a special way of processing and secret preparations. Don’t even try to do it yourself, if you value your life! Otherwise, you risk to be among those two dozen people that annually leave this life with the most poisonous fish in the world. First, they feel like the organs of the body covers the paralysis, and then comes the suffocation and death from lack of oxygen.



An antidote against the bite of this snake, however, from the attack of the Taipan annually affects about 80 residents of Australia. When they bite, reptile secretes a poison not spare – after a meeting with a snake, the poor guy is living the last minutes in life. In the case of a man, 90% of bites are fatal. Taipan attacks with lightning speed – 4m/s.



The poison of this fish is causing unbearable pain that victims often experience such agony that even agree on immediate amputation of the affected places. But the pain is not all, the suffering of the victim complement the shock, paralysis, and death of tissue. The poison contained in the dorsal ridge that is used for protection from predators. Stone fish can be found in the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Brazilian wandering spider

Brazilian wandering spider

This led to the creation of more deaths than other types of the most poisonous animals in the world. The danger is that they do not lead a sedentary life, and are constantly moving, can meet anywhere in the house, house, clothes, shoes, cars… So the risk of being bitten by the Brazilian wandering spider is large enough.

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