The most long-lived trees in the world

Trees not only beautify the world but also give our planet a clean and fresh air. That the tree has reached its Mature age, is usually many years. But there are also representatives of the world of plants that can be called true longevity, since their life expectancy can be several thousand years. And being next to this tree gives memorable feelings that are mixed with a sense of wonder and admiration. And what trees are the most long-lived trees in the world?

1 Spruce


Strange, but the most durable trees in the world, is the spruce, which will not surprise living in our latitudes, people. This tree symbolizes the New year and so carefully decorated with all the people on the eve of the holiday. And the old pine tree grows in Dalarna (Sweden).

Experts have established that eating «knocked» for 9550 years old. Investigation of the tree revealed that several decades ago a Swedish spruce tree was beginning to wither away, but suddenly she found a young shoot, which allowed to prolong its life. And if you look at the tree, almost invisible difference between the old tree and the new escape – they look about the same. But the remains of wood and pine needles under a tree that had been studied by scientists, is a clear indication of a fair age ate. And who knows what «record» age will be able to install this tree.

2 Sequoia and a baobab tree


Among the most long-lived trees in the world next on the list are these trees that can live up to 5,000 years. Sequoia was recognized as one of the tallest trees on the planet is a tree grows up to 115 meters. Also distinctive feature is its thick bark, which can sometimes reach up to thirty centimeters. Under the influence of fire on bark of Sequoia, she is not engaged, and capable of char that creates the perfect heat protection for the whole tree.


And baobabs, like redwoods, can have a lifespan of 5000 years. This tree is one of the most thick as the trunk diameter can be up to 10 meters. Baobabs have the unique ability to absorb water (can absorb up to 120000 liters). All of this is explained by the presence under his porous bark tissue resembling a sponge, which absorb liquid and provide the tree life-giving water in dry weather.

3 Thousand and the Banyan tree


On the third position in the list of the most long-lived trees in the world, we can confidently supply these trees, which live up to 3000 years. Tis is characterized by the fact that can easily tolerate the lack of sunlight, easy to grow and are thriving.

The Banyan tree

A distinctive feature of the Banyan tree is the presence of thousands of barrels in the center is the main trunk from which shoots are thick, and from them have descended down to the branch, which set a goal to take root. However, this can not all – some shoots before reaching land, and dry up. After rooting the shoots begin their growth in thickness, after which they become very similar to the main trunk and also «continue the race». The oldest Banyan tree grows in India – the age of the tree is over 3000 years for the plant proves that it is capable of still longer life.


Ancient bristlecone pine

The pine can live up to 1200 years. However, every rule, as you know, there are always exceptions – the old pine tree of the world (ancient bristlecone) has an age of 4900 years. Incredibly surprised by the fact that these pine trees grow in harsh conditions – they manage to be good at the height of 3000 meters (in the USA) where the soil is not rich in essential for growth and development nutrients, and also more precipitation and «pet» plants infrequently.

Coniferous forest

In conclusion a few centenarians among the trees – a lime, large-leaved, silver poplar, and common oak, whose age can reach a thousand years. But still, generally, a long life, living pine trees that are held in high esteem by many peoples of the world. For example, in Finland, spruce is welcomed as a symbol of life in Japan, this tree, along with pine and juniper, recognized as a symbol of longevity, while in Korea and China fir is considered a symbol of integrity and loyalty. Maybe, you can explain love to coniferous trees because they are incredibly sensitive to pollution and therefore they need to live long and to please the population of the planet clean, «adorning» and enhancing the air everywhere.

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