The most interesting profession

Work and getting incredible pleasure from the fact that you do is not a dream man? Due to various circumstances, not everyone can boast of such good fortune. But there is in the world among 70 thousand various posts of the lucky ones that make our list of the most interesting professions.


Among regular professions, the most recognized position of the psychologist. Probably each other, they have tested and decided that their work is the most interesting – but 98% of respondents agreed with this. And psychologists can understand the dissection of the human soul and its repair is included in the concept of «doing good», but the end result only reinforces the pleasure of working with.


Roller in the subway

She appeared shortly, both began to lose our schedules due to the fact that all people would not fit in the rush hour in the car and the driver was forced to postpone the departure. This is exactly boring profession – each time performing the duties the worker can listen to the variety of epithets. There was such a position in China, and almost everywhere has become popular around the world. And with the growth of cities, perhaps soon will open training courses.

Trambovchik in the subway

Master pedicure for cows

It turns out that the condition of the hooves affects the milk yield, its fat content and the ability of animals to reproduce. Therefore, in the West, many farms are practicing this procedure. While mandatory skills – to do everything quickly and efficiently, not to cause bucking cow to psychological trauma.


Flip penguin

Penguins are very curious and there, near the airport, people noticed one problem: the birds lift up the head, reacting to a plane taking off and tip over backwards. To do to get up on their feet they can not and are easy prey. To avoid this, and there was such a profession. And penguins don’t always respond with gratitude for salvation, and hurt are plucked as soon as we return to the original position.


One who will stand behind you in the queue

Only in America with her idea to sell «one and all» could have come such a profession – if you have no desire to stand in line somewhere for 40 dollars an hour you can hire someone who will do it for you while you’re sipping coffee in a nearby restaurant.

The one who bydet-stoyat-vas-v-ocheredi

The source

This profession emerged in Japan, where many people experience discomfort from loneliness and lack of friends, and at the moment has spread around the world. Communication is not only alive, but also by phone, but you can still create activity on your page in social networks. The latter service is very popular among young people, is not popular with the opposite sex. In Russia the emergence of such work threatens the transition to a different status – the source live at risk to develop into a companion.


Barking detective dogs

This is a public post designed to identify tax-exempt dogs. A specially trained person triggers his barking hidden animals on appropriate action. Just imagine the first reaction of people when it comes into the house a public servant in the performance, fit and starts barking….



These people have been creating wigs, and this post is very important your type of temperament: a person must have incredible perseverance, laying the wig hair to hair. Each piece is created by at least two weeks, for example, the hot-headed time to go crazy during this time of the monotony of action.


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