The most interesting book in the world

In a world of so many books that one man is not enough life to review them all. From the existing literature to choose the most worthy, interesting, readers are increasingly looking to the ratings of the most interesting books, the preparation of which involved a variety of sites and publishers.

Today, more and more adolescents’d rather sit on the Internet and «photosat» with friends than pick up a book. And it already for anybody not news. A recent study showed that only a fifth of the modern generation choose to read at your leisure.

Of the huge number of available books is quite problematic to choose one – the most interesting, popular and read. However, the most interesting and readable book is considered the Bible. The total circulation of books is approximately $ 20 billion, and these data only for the last century. Every day in the world 32876 printed copies of the Bible.

The Bible

The Bible consists of the old and New Testament. The first time the creation part of the Bible contains books that were written before our era. This sacred literature was selected Hebrew scholars. All of these books there are 39.

The second time you create the part – the New Testament consists of 27 books written in the first century ad the New Testament is important to Christianity.

The Bible

According to many, the Bible absolutely does not help in everyday life, education, work, because it focuses on the past and the future. The book was in demand constantly, does not stop it still. Every year print publishers increase its print runs. In recent years the Bible was published in native languages for such indigenous peoples as Shaw (Burma), iraqw (Tanzania) and Gumuz (Ethiopia).

The Bible already for anybody not a secret, it is a unique and amazing book. Despite the fact that the Bible is the oldest book in the world, and today remains the most interesting and readable.

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