The most interesting animals in the world

I think that all would agree with me – our world is amazing and incredible. Birds, people, our smaller brethren – each one a Universe, and everyone will find something to surprise others. The most interesting animals on the planet were able to combine Incompatibles, and it will be interesting to meet them.

The axolotl


Translated from the Aztec language means «water dog». One of the most interesting animals on our planet, which lives only a few Mexican lakes. This larva ambystoma, amphibious salamanders that wants turns into an adult, and wants – remains in original form, without losing the ability to reproduce. It is as if people could remain 17-year-old forever…And the larva prefers to live in the pond, and adult specimens migrate to the land.

Conversion depends on external conditions – changes in humidity, temperature or water level leads to the fact that the animal starts at strong pace to produce the hormone thyroxine, which external gills disappear, change color and body shape. The axolotl’s amazing ability to regenerate – the missing limbs regenerate completely. Aquarists love to keep him – wide head with small eyes and a disproportionately large mouth, gives the impression that the larva is smiling all the time. And you must admit, very nice when you come home, and someone rejoices.


Edge-drops fall

Fish because of their appearance can be considered the antithesis of the cheerful axolotl. Due to the appendage-like nose and eye orbits, are less eyes, the impression that the animal is always a sad and sad. This deep-sea fish, inhabiting the coastal waters of Australia. It does not have a swimming bladder, as at these depths it will not work. Externally, the fish is a jelly, the density practically does not differ from sea water. Muscles is also available, so she or drifts slowly, or sits, mouth Agape at the bottom waiting for prey that can be overpowered.

In various rankings the Internet’s most interesting animals fish-drop is firmly in first place, so her character has already been the hero of the series, «snatch» and «Men in black 3».

Edge-drops fall

Portuguese ship


This is a very beautiful jellyfish for millions of years of evolution learned to use the wind and ocean current in their favor. It is a clear bubble filled with gas (is above water) and a tentacle length up to 30 meters. It has been named in honor of Henry the Navigator in the XV century and were previously found only in the warm waters of the Gulf stream, and now, with global warming, it happens everywhere.

The upper part of the jellyfish, similar to the stern of a ship moves through the waves, while the lower, consisting of stinging cells, underwater hunts. The animal is poisonous, and especially dangerous for children, elderly and handicapped people. Repeatedly recorded cases of death from accidental touches both on shore and in the water.

The leafy sea dragon


Another of his name — the sea Pegasus. For his unusual appearance, the fish has become a symbol of South Australia. Lives in warm waters, on reef shallow water. This is a real master of disguise — dragon can even change color depending on food, water temperature or stress. The body is covered with «leaves» — the special processes, which helps to hide in the coral and hunt down prey. But when swimming, they absolutely do not help, so dragons move very slowly — up to 150 meters per hour, with flippers on his chest and back.

This favorite object divers, as is found everywhere. From afar the sea Pegasus can be mistaken for a severed branch of coral, gently swaying on the water. Despite the appearance of grass species — the sea dragon is a predator. His food is shrimp and small fish, which it sucks in. But the male sea dragon — caring parents who have babies in a special bag on your body.

The frilled lizard


It looks like a normal lizard, but at the first sign of danger, she turns into an angry Cobra. On the neck there is a huge amphibious leather fold, with a large number of blood vessels, which allow you to stick out from the collar. And if we add the length of the body reaches a meter, a powerful tail and paws with sharp claws, it becomes clear why, in the forests of New Guinea and Australia enemies it is not very much. Collar lizard is used in full: the male attracts females during mating; in the morning it can help you keep warm, collecting sunlight as a locator; but when heated it will help to reduce the body temperature.


It is a living fossil (not change millions of years) is a vertebrate that has no spine, and there is only a skull with a missing jaw. The habitat of tropical and subtropical oceans. The length of the mixin from half a meter, and the largest specimens reaching 127 inches. Hagfish feed on carrion, gnawing in the troupe moves-holes,but sometimes eating more live fish right in fishing nets. To do this, they have powerful teeth language. Because these predators prefer to hunt in flocks, fishermen are often forced to change their base to not remain without a catch.

Mix in

By itself, a worm with teeth is a breathtaking sight, but he had two brains, four hearts and one nostril. Eyes two, but I see very bad. While mixins are incredibly tenacious: can a long time to be without water, food and recovering from severe wounds.

Due to the lack of the skeleton of the mixin itself could collapse into a knot, which is what she uses in times of danger. In addition to incredible flexibility, the worm is protected by a mucus, which he can clog the Airways and the mouth of the enemy. The amount of mucus incredible — in just a few seconds one animal can fill a bucket.

Their method of reproduction is also quite unusual: among the hundreds of females can be found only one male. Despite the fact that many types of mixins are hermaphrodites, the male they still need.

Mix in

Get acquainted with the most interesting animals of our planet is certainly worth at least in order to once again see how beautiful and diverse our world is.

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