The most interesting about Bahrain

Bahrain — a place that has a close relationship with water. For example, in Arabic the name of the capital Manama translates as «two seas». Water arrives, and the area of the Islands is significantly reduced. The coastline is wide and the water level on the coast is quite small, so the Islands are constantly changing their form.

Manama — the financial center of Bahrain, is rapidly growing, with beautiful houses, for example, by double towers.

Although Bahrain is an oil producing country, it has great tourism potential, there is something to see and do.

Recently restored, the Fort, the qal’at al-Bahrain is one of the major attractions. Despite the fact that it is apparently in good condition, yet the interior decoration of the Fort is clearly not enough exhibits, exhibitions and furniture. Beside it you will find a Museum with historical exhibits which date to the Islamic period.

Arad Fort built in the 16th century, is also an interesting tourist attraction, it often hosts various cultural events and festivals.

In Bahrain there are numerous museums such as the Museum of al-arifi, House of Quran, where one can see rare Islamic manuscripts, Bahrain national Museum, the money Museum of the Bahrain Petroleum Museum, which will tell you about the history of the oil industry in the region.

The climate of Bahrain is warm all year round, the water on the beach is also quite warm, and also clean and quiet.

Among the many trees that grow in the country, is one acacia, miraculously growing in the desert, among the oil wells alone, for more than 400 years. This mysterious plant is called the Tree of Life. The reason for such durability is legendary, scientists can not yet give an explanation, and meanwhile, the tree continues to grow and attract many tourists.

Ancient burial places (cemeteries) are also local attractions, they are located mainly in Tilos, Sahure, mounds Dilmun and Storms. Tourists have the opportunity to visit the famous houses and exhibitions, for example, the center of folk crafts of al-Jasra house and Bin Matar house once lived a merchant of pearls.

The Bahrain Grand Prix is an important annual sporting event that takes place at the International circuit of Bahrain.

As the country’s warm climate, water sports have become very popular. Although Bahrain is mainly desert country, there is a Golf course of world level, located close to Manama city.

On the roads in addition to cars you can meet camel, the ride on this unusual mode of transport will take a lot of pleasure.

The country has many shopping malls, including international boutiques and shops as well as supermarkets. Traditional and modern cafes, cinemas, galleries, playgrounds are also in abundance. Restaurant chain in Bahrain is impressive, there are a variety of restaurants, especially in the * * * *

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