The most intelligent dog breeds

Today there are over a thousand breeds of dogs, created for specific purposes. Pet can perfectly protect the premises, feed the sheep, play with the kids or good listening team. The data capabilities of a dog endowed with from birth, but from education of the owner depends, how far will advance in their skills. If you need well-mannered and obedient pet is the most intelligent breed of dog.

1. The Labrador Retriever is good-natured giant

Large enough in size Retriever should not be afraid. This smart, gentle and intelligent dog. It is with awe to the owner. It is recommended to have in families where there are children.

2. The border collie is the consummate shepherd

Small size pet is very hardworking and attentive. In natural conditions it copes with a flock of sheep. Being at home a border collie uses his knowledge against the masters. The dog shows them care and protect them.

3. German shepherd dog – honor student

The most popular breed won the hearts of breeders due to their sharp intelligence, obedience. It is easy to train, she carefully executes the commands and learn quickly. The German shepherd can be a good friend and loyal assistant.

4. The poodle is a hunter of truffles

Before the breed was used exclusively for hunting, she was retrieving ducks from the water. Despite the fact that she plays a decorative role, it is quite active and easily trained. Toy poodles have an excellent sense of smell, due to which they find expensive delicacies – truffles.

5. Yorkshire Terrier young intellectual

Decorative dog, small size often acquire families with children. She is affectionate, very active, loves to play with kids. The small size did not affect his mental capacity, Terrier is fairly smart.

6. Doberman – a wayward pet

For those who are going to do a dog seriously – this is a great option. Hardy and intelligent animal often take to serve in the police or the army. The Doberman has a capricious nature, and if you torment one of his teams, he’ll quit training. This does not mean that it is uncontrollable, the right regime and proper attention to make him a pet.

7. Boxer – a loyal Dawg

This breed was developed in Germany. The dog easy to command, it is sometimes a little stubborn. Strong and loyal pet adheres to vydelennogo behavior when dealing with other people or animals.

Choosing an intelligent dog, be aware that you can be its owner not just. A bored dog, like a little child will seek adventure, inducing chaos in the house. One way out is to regularly teach the pupil, rejoicing in his achievements.

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