The most intelligent animal

For anybody not a secret that our planet is inhabited by many sentient beings. Animals that live many years with a person, benefiting and delighting in its warmth, also quite smart. But do you know what the most intelligent animal? To this question you will never get a clear answer. If you put five scientists, the answers will be the same, and significantly different from each other.

And yet, the most intellectually developed animals often called the monkey, to be more accurate representatives of two genera: chimpanzees and gorillas. The ability of orangutans is practically not studied. According to scientists, the intellectual abilities of these representatives, it is likely that it will be better than chimpanzees. Numerous tests have repeatedly shown that primates are the most intelligent. This family includes gorillas, baboons, chimpanzees, orangutans, Gibbons and guenons. They have a complex brain that allows them to build complex shapes, to control the environment and even communicate with like-minded types, in addition they have even developed language skills.


Chimpanzees can reach a height of 170 centimeters. The brain size of primates less human in half. Despite its low weight, which ranges from 30 to 50 kg, the monkeys are extremely strong animals. Today, accurate measurements are not achieved, however, as practice has shown, male chimpanzees are much more strength than average men. According to Alan Walker, the female chimp raises 570 kg two paws, while the male is capable of lifting more than 380 kg by only one claw. Given the weight of the monkey, we can safely say that it is 4-5 times stronger than a man. Chimp lead an active lifestyle by day and in the evening settled on the trees in separate nests for sleeping. Places to stay erect they are quite high (8 meters from the ground) with leaves and dry grass. Communicate with these representatives of the primates with the help of gestures, facial expressions and sounds.


Many individuals choleric character. Chimpanzees are able to use various guns. For example, they can stick a stick in the anthill, wait for a while until the insects will climb on it and then they lick and swallow. Some individuals even learned to use a washcloth. Young monkeys win adult competitions where you have to remember the numbers and where they were located.


Of space exploration involving chimpanzees proves once again that monkeys are the most intelligent animals. For the first time in space sent a chimpanzee named ham. This occurred on 31 January 1961. The task of the monkey was as follows: pressing the buttons in accordance with light signals. If ham was wrong, it was pierced by an electric shock.

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