The most high-calorie foods

The calorie content of foods depends on the present in their composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The greater the number of these components in the product, the more calories a person receives in the process of eating. However, most calories have fats that digest in the digestive system and laminating, give much more energy than do carbohydrates and proteins. Let’s look at the most high-calorie foods that should be consumed in limited amounts, not to harm her figure and health.

The use of animal and vegetable fat

Fat is the most caloric of the product

Most calories are in fat – a hundred grams of product have 902 calories. A little less calories in butter – one hundred grams of the product has 876 calories. Therefore, those who carefully watching their weight, these foods should be eaten in limited quantities.

Oil sunflower, rapeseed and olive from animal fats in number of calories «left» is just for example, one hundred grams of vegetable oil is present 884 calories. And coconut oil, on the contrary, the number of calories even more than animal fats to one hundred grams of the oil has 925 calories.

Consumption of nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are a great snack

Nuts and seeds – is also the most high-calorie foods that not only satisfy our body fats, but also replenish the supply of minerals and vitamino. One hundred grams of product contains about 700 calories. Therefore, seeds and nuts so suppress hunger instead of harmful snacks in the form of rolls or cakes, it is better to give preference to these products. In the fight against excess weight, you should avoid other high-calorie snacks.

And peanut butter, which is also very good for health, contains slightly fewer calories per hundred grams of product have 588 calories. Menu those people who wish to lose weight quickly, this oil almost did not come – however, in moderation its use will not lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

Salads dressings can be very calorific!

Salads dressings can be very calorific!

Even if you often eat healthy salads from vegetables and greens, but they season it with mayonnaise, then the result is a very high-calorie product. For example, one hundred grams of Caesar salad will allow you to get 630 calories and have a great feast.

— Fast food and sweets

Hamburgers and chips should be removed from the diet

This is, without a doubt, the most high-calorie foods for weight gain. For example, one hundred grams of Napoleon cake contains 550 calories. Of course, cakes, chips, burgers delicious, but they are for your body. They should therefore be excluded from the diet or eat very rarely and in small quantities.

Eating dark chocolate

Dark chocolate in moderation is healthy and nutritious food

Many people know that excessive consumption of chocolate necessarily entails an increase in creases on the body. And this is due to the fact that dark chocolate really is on the list of most fattening foods. One hundred grams of this chocolate there is 500 calories. However, this delicious delicacy is not necessary – in moderation it is very useful and nutritious product.

Eat cheese to the mind!

Cheese has a high calorie content

This product is a source of calcium and protein. It can be used as a standalone product or added to other dishes. However, there is a cheese must be careful, because hard cheeses contain a considerable amount of calories. For example, a hundred grams of Parmesan cheese contains up to 470 calories.

Fried foods

French fries - an excellent product for weight gain

The roasted product is also the most nutritious product in the world. Fried food contains on average 400 calories per hundred grams of product. Undoubtedly, French fries or chicken wings immediately stimulate the appetite, but this meal is better to refrain, especially if you watch your health and guard your figure.

Meat in processed form

A lot of calories in sausages

High calorie different products of meat, pate, sausages. In some types of sausages kilocalories per hundred grams of product are approximately 460. Of course, meat by-products saturate the body with essential fats and vitamins, however it is better to directly eat meat (the best meat of rabbit or chicken) and sausages to be consumed in moderation.

Having an idea about the most high-calorie food, easier to keep track of your weight. If you want to lose weight or gain weight, you know that you just need. What would not hurt to know the fattest people in the world who would not come to such a state, if clearly controlled products in your diet.

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