The most harmful food products

Most buyers rarely pay attention to the product when selecting products, the layman often is focused on appearance and affordable price. This approach to food can turn into a big mistake – the price of which will be your health and the health of your family. In this article we will provide you with the most harmful food products, a list of which is given below, but for now a little background information.


Thanks to the modern food industry, on the shelves were the most harmful food – they include:

  • dyes
  • flavors
  • flavor enhancers
  • synthetic compounds
  • These products just to get them shaped signs – bright packaging, tempting aroma, rich flavor and, most importantly, long-term storage. From one-time consumption of such products, nothing terrible will not happen. And if you eat these products regularly, you risk to run in your body the aging process and the development of serious diseases.



    It seems to be that such thin pieces of potato fried in oil. Nothing, besides a huge number of contained in them, starch and fats. This daily cocktail threatens you to turn into a few kilos of excess weight.

    Did you know that modern chips are made not from pure potatoes, they have wheat and corn flour, several kinds of starch, genetically modified soy. Dressed with all the splendor of a variety of flavors – bacon, sour cream and cheese, mushrooms, etc. All these flavors are additives of category E.

    Many familiar monosodium glutamate, it’s also known as E-621, so, this substance, without which the rare manufacturer that is able to make «desirable» even inedible food. This effect he achieves by acting on the nervous system.

    French fries


    Following a harmful product from our list. These crispy potato wedges, fried in oil, are in steady love of ordinary people around the world. The fact that on an industrial scale using genetically engineered potatoes – a large, smooth tubers facilitate cleaning and slicing.

    In addition, these wedges are fried in oil for deep-frying, is nothing like the mixture of fats, which include coconut and palm oil. This cocktail is not cheap, and once bathed in the fryer, can be used for weeks without rancidity. But during use in the oil are formed decomposition products of fats and some carcinogens that can cause cancer development.

    Do the math: one bag of French fries weighing one hundred grams includes 30 grams of this multiple fat.

    Hamburgers and hot dogs


    To meat in the burgers and dogs enough for those wishing a quick bite to eat, animals grown on an industrial scale. For rapid growth and quick set meat using special feed, frequent use of antibiotics – so that the benefits derived from the protein, is highly questionable.

    The dish is generously stobrawa soy, monosodium glutamate and a number of E-additives, preservatives, dyes — how else can you explain the presentation of the burgers, it maintained over the years. Doubt? Try at home to make a sandwich – bread, lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise, chop. It is obvious how the home differs from what we offers catering.



    Sausages – would not have been the most harmful foods, if they contain only natural meat. But in any sausage you can find not only pig skin and cartilage, but also transgenic soy. In addition, a set of preservatives and other chemical additives contained in any sausage, no matter who the manufacturer and what grade.



    Manufacturers magical bags that can satisfy any hunger, offer a truly Royal selection menu. Undeniably, it is convenient to pour the boiling water the contents of the bag and five minutes to a gourmet meal. But in fact, in the mouth we send the cocktail of food additives.

    When we eat such food, is the formal deceit of the human body – we kind of ate, but the necessary substances for the functioning not received. And soon we again perceived the feeling of hunger.

    Next time you buy a product, read the label carefully:

    • preservatives E-series 200-290 and 1125 is able to trigger cancer, liver damage
    • some stabilizers, thickeners E-series cause cancer and disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract
    • emulsifiers under code E with figures 322-442, 470-495 cancer, diarrhea
    • antioxidants E 300-312, 320-321 – diseases of internal organs and nervous disorders
    • supplements, amplifying the taste, E 620-637 – impaired brain function
    • Sauces


      Mayonnaise or ketchup can make the most appetizing appearance malosedobnaya food. But ketchup contains a large proportion of sugar, in addition to chemical additives, and mayonnaise – is a carrier of TRANS fats, a dangerous occurrence of diabetes and atherosclerosis.

      Danger hides in itself and the plastic packaging in which the packaged product. Vinegar, which is an integral part of the sauce reacts with the packaging material, and mayonnaise fall into carcinogen.



      Daily intake of sugar and fifty grams, in this case, you will not get yourself into trouble with the teeth, obesity and osteoporosis. And all of these foods have the highest glycemic index – the sugar from candies and chocolate bars absorbed in the blink of an eye.

      Honestly, all those sweets and chewy treats hard to call a food is a useful component in them. But abundant chemical component.

      Sweet drinks

      Gazovaya water

      Continuing the theme of sugar consumption a day, it should be noted that in these drinks 1 liter of fluid has six tablespoons of sugar. But in addition to caffeine, dyes, contains phosphoric acid, which removes from the bones of calcium. And carbon dioxide serves as a catalyst for chemical reactions in our body.


      The people are of the opinion that the juices in the boxes are not only harmful, but also useful. However, the juice is such that it repeats the composition of carbonated drink, that’s just carbon dioxide in it.

      One ounce bag of orange juice contains 6 teaspoons of sugar, Apple – all seven. Restored from concentrated juice drinks with significant shelf life, regardless of how popular brand, are all the same harmful food.

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