The most flexible man in the world

Touch the fingertips on the floor without bending the knees, not so difficult. But that’s the theory, but in practice, lack of regular exercises for stretching immediately remind myself. Besides, not everyone is able to safely perform this trick before.


Of course, people who are serious about doing gymnastics, yoga or other types of physical activity, commit the lion’s share of his time. Their diligence and hard work often bring results and popularity. These athletes amaze the layman extraordinary flexibility, plasticity, the ability, for example, to throw the leg over the head, and to bend almost at a right angle. You’re probably wondering who today bears the title of the most versatile and flexible person on the planet. Meet Mukhtar!

The Mukhtars, The Gusengajiev

Dagestani really incomparable athlete, the standard of flexibility. His Arsenal of techniques incredible: here and pushups on one hand with the leg behind the head, and shocking eversion of the limbs and joints almost 180°, and the ability to curl up so compactly that it can be stowed in a small suitcase!

Flexible Dagestani

At first glance, it’s all about natural talent and a favorable physical condition. However, by themselves they didn’t mean anything without years of hard work. The Mukhtar was an extremely difficult childhood and youth, and we can only imagine what it took for him to achieve his goal. Now he is a world famous, record-holder of «Guinness world records», popular actor and coach.

Childhood and teenage years

Mukhtar was born on 20 may 1964 in Izerbash, Dagestan. His family was in poverty: his father and older brother basically sat in prison, the mother could not feed the children, and the little lassie herding cattle. In fact, he grew up a drifter and homeless. Nobody did, nobody cared before. To survive, Mukhtar had committed a petty theft in stores.

Mukhtar at the circus Ciniselli

In adolescence, he fell in with bad company and went to the reformatory. However, soon released him, and he went to serve in the army. After the return of Mukhtar has become a participant in street fights, and this time took a long time – he was given 3 years in prison.

Term served completely, all the while thinking about the changes in yourself and your life. Just in prison Mukhtar began developing its own set of workouts and exercises.

The snake man

Freed, Gusengajiev got an unpleasant job to clean out the barns and stables in Siberia. But then, he has formed a specific goal: to go to Moscow. Continuing your daily training, a year later he achieved that goal. That’s just inhospitable capital did not expect Mukhtar: life was hard, I had to sleep in cheap rented rooms, and even on the stations, work and any prospects were not.

New life

Finally, in 1989, after several unsuccessful attempts, he was accepted to work in the branch Soyuzgostsirk. Since then, the life of Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev started to improve: he was doing what was actually in the shower, and got money for it, which was enough to pay the bills. Began a new phase of life.

The Seminar, Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev

Of course, Mukhtar did not cease to train hard, but now pay attention to the improvement of not only the body but also the inner world and mind. He learned to control the movements and thoughts. In a relatively short time he has developed spiritually: he studied several foreign languages, play the guitar, learned the techniques of pantomime, increased the level in acrobatics and seriously interested in martial arts – Taekwondo, karate, kung fu, Hatha yoga etc.

Mukhtar in Moscow

All this time he did not have to seek the services of traditional medicine. Mukhtar even proved doctors what is, in essence, a sprain is not an injury, showing it on your body. X-rays revealed no pathology.

Truly a landmark for him came in 1995, when the Championship of Russia on a kickboxing plastic its stunning rooms between fights he praised the legendary Jean-Claude van Damme!

The rise and popularity

After that, the Mukhtar began to speak in broad masses, and gradually it evolved into a significant media person. Now he is the record holder of the «Guinness world records», but this achievement is not infatuated with the hero. As before, he seeks to raise your level and remains hungry for new achievements. The gusengajiev did not leave the work in the circus, in parallel a lot in films. In addition, «the snake man» — as it is called — actively teaches the practice of yoga. He believes he has gained enough experience in order to share them with people. About any posing of the question: Mukhtar, taught yoga even famous Hollywood stars conducts training and classes for everyone to enroll in any city in the world.

Maister-clas Mukhtar

With great warmth he recalls his work in the canadian circus Du Soleil», as well as medical examination at the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named. Priorova. The main result of the survey – a scientific confirmation of the already obvious thesis that the Gusengajiev is not a phenomenon and not Superman. All of his achievements – the fruits of hard work and hard training.

What is he in ordinary life?

Indeed, Mukhtar – a normal person with her, though, features. In his house the furniture is very small – it does not use a chair or sofa. If he needs rest, that is the record holder on the floor. There, sitting or lying down, he is engaged in business as usual: reading, talks, talking on the phone or sitting on the Internet.

Mukhtar in everyday life

Every day at least an hour an actor spends training. Barely awake – to get up and he has a habit of not later 10 am – the first thing Mukhtar leads to the movement of your body and spirit. Breakfast, morning shower, other things – all then. A special diet, as restrictions in types of food. «The snake man» says that eating all what you want in the moment, and not drive themselves into the framework. But with the extra weight from Mukhtar absolutely no problems with performance.

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