The most famous thieves in the law of the USSR

Such thing as a «thief in law» does not exist anywhere, except in the territory of the former USSR. It is a separate caste of the criminal world, which takes all important decisions and their opinion is respected in the underworld. The most famous thieves in the law could control the fate of many people, and their decisions sometimes depended the peace in a particular region.

the most famous thieves in the law

Alexander Zakharov

Inmates jokingly called him «a star of Moscow». Once Sasha 3 months spent in the remand prison of the famous Vladimir Central. Alexander was born in the Belarusian village. Having completed 8 classes of secondary school, Alexander together with his friends was busted for robbery and was in jail.

The educational colony it did not fix it. Soon he committed theft and back in jail again. Excessively emotional Alexander beat offended his person. One of his injuries died in hospital during surgery. The court to be humane did not: the guy gave a period of nine years.

Oleksandr Zakharov

To serve the sentence he had in the colony. In prison Alexander was not lost, he quickly graduated to «thug», who quickly appreciated his courage. After serving the entire term to end, he did not bother to correct. Probably «crowned» Zakharova in the Vladimir Central. In the same shit Alexander was addicted to drugs.

Less than six months, as law enforcement officers caught him with the cocaine. His guilt he did not recognize, argued that he roughly framed. This time he had to serve his sentence for four years. Alexander called especially dangerous recidivist. He is well respected in narrow circles.

Sergey Klementyev

The best known «thief in law» in the USSR for the first time was in prison in Soviet times.

As a child he played sports, had achieved considerable success, he predicted a good career. But the young man decided otherwise to dispose of his life. Served in the army, repeatedly appeared before the court and earned the honorary title of crime boss. Parents, already mentally seen my son in sports pedestal was probably very disappointed that their hopes did not materialize.

Sergey Klementyev

«Crowned» was Klementyev in 1998 and he had all the chances to become the main «looking» for the Siberian region. But as it turned out, his title Sergei carried for long. The opposing criminal group dug up the ugly fact from the biography of the new «thief in law». As you know, the criminal «authorities» do not allow the cooperation with public authorities on any pretext. Expert concealed the fact of service in the army and taking the oath. «Crown» he lost, but was lucky that all survived. Such «punctures» criminals do not forgive.

Paul Cyrul

This thief a lot of time had to spend behind bars. He held in his hands the entire «common Fund» of the Moscow region. Pasha possessed such qualities of character as vindictiveness and cruelty. Its way better to not become. No wonder he was nicknamed the Beast.

He was born in 1939. The family lived is rather poor, they had to huddle in a small room of the barracks. Zakharov graduated from only 5 classes. It was not until graduation. At a very young age he was caught for stealing. Sat in the tram, but quietly to go obviously couldn’t, he liked the purse of one fat lady, he decided to assign it to yourself without shame. But He was not lucky, lady, not wanting to part with their property, noise, passengers intervened. They quickly grabbed the boy.

the Pasha of ciruli

But the guy was lucky, he was sentenced to only one year and he soon came under the Amnesty. Even then Pasha was able to obtain «the title of» thief in law. He actively manifested in nature, argued with the prison authorities, denied everything that was considered unacceptable. He always honored the sacred laws of thieves.

Gennady Romanov (Chamomile)

He died not so long ago, in February 2011, in Kemerovo. His influence in the underworld in this region were very large. The best known «thief in law» was addicted to drugs, because of the thrust to the powder he was finished. He barely survived until the first significant anniversary: in the time of his death he was fifty years old.

Gennady Romanov

He was imprisoned when he was not yet eighteen, for the first time served in prison. The colony was also not guided him on the right path. Shortly after his release, he was again pulled on «exploits». His whole life is an endless band of prison terms. On the outside, he apparently felt out of place, and soon ended up in prison.

Gennady Karkov (Mongolian)

Mongolian also belongs to the category of «most famous «thieves in law». Karkov formed a gang which was engaged in extortion and killings of workers of trade. Was brutal and sophisticated methods of influence, the first was tortured with a hot iron. Lived to a ripe old for thief age. Died in the famous Moscow clinic. He died from a long chronic illness.

Gennady Karkov

As a person Gennady is rejected and unpleasant emotions, but they respected and feared him. He was bold and lucky in business, I’ll give him that. Earned the title of «the godfather.» Well-known Vyacheslav Ivankov was it a worthy «disciple.» The racket in the Soviet era owes its emergence to Gennady.

Sergey Timofeev (Sylvester)

The most famous «thieves in law» in the USSR was ideological. Sergey Timofeev, for example, fought with the so-called «colored» groups. For his views has earned the respect of the police. Enjoyed great authority in the criminal world. He was held in prison for a record short time — in just six months. Controlled cooperatives engaged in the repair of motor vehicles and manufacture of spare parts.

Sergey Timofeev

Sergey Mikhailov (Mihas)

It is called the «General» of the underworld. Has a great reputation. Born into a nationally-known Solntsevo. In prison for the first time sat down for fraud. First chose the profession of a waiter honestly spent more than five years, but then decided that the forbidden is more tasty morsel and became firmly on the criminal path.

Sergey Mikhailov

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