The most famous sights of Istanbul

Largest city of Turkey is not indifferent of the tourists. They feel the mystery of the East and the respectful attitude of local people towards their culture. Istanbul perfectly accommodates small fairs, business blocks and churches. Going to the mysterious city, visit the most famous sights of Istanbul.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye MosqueSuleymaniye mosque — the most famous landmark of Turkey

She was built in 1550 by order of the Sultan. The construction lasted for 7 years, and its creation took rather big amount. In honor of the Sultan was called by this structure. The architecture of the building contains elements of the Byzantine and Islamic cultures. Since the mosque was built long ago, but during its existence it has undergone considerable damage. The main damage occurred during the First world war. The surrounding area of the mosque used for weapons storage. In the 20th century, undertook a major restoration of the süleymaniye.

Guides are recommended to admire the structure from the Gulf, since the author did a great job on her silhouette. Interestingly, despite the many earthquakes suffered by the building, the mosque has maintained strict and sophisticated look.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace

It is considered the most famous landmark of Istanbul and one of the most ancient and the great palaces of the world. The Palace was built during the Ottoman Empire. It is surrounded by ramparts and sturdy towers. Around Topkan a beautiful view as it is located on the hill. The hill offers views of the Marmara sea and the Bosphorus.

Today Topkan is a popular Museum. At various times it was the residence of the emperors and Government Building in the country. Tourists are allowed to enter inside the Palace where they can enjoy a kitchen with elegant porcelain, the harem rooms. Visitors are amazed at the collection of knives and jewelry.

The blue mosque

Blue mosque

Beautiful building with spires, was built in the 17th century. Today is an existing building that is fully compliant with orders and traditions of Islamic culture. Therefore, in the walls of the mosque should behave accordingly. Visitors for inspection will have to pay a small amount. Inside tourists will find elegant decor and an interesting story about the creation and history of the mosque. Interestingly, the name of the Blue she received for color izraztsov posted on the outer walls.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

Many consider him the most famous landmark of Istanbul. It is notable that in the times of Byzantine culture, the Cathedral was a symbol of that state. For a long time it was preaching Christianity, but in the 15th century the building was converted into a mosque for the heritage of the Muslim religion. Today it is one of the most magnificent museums, so visiting it is necessary to include in a travel program.

Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia

The history of the Church goes back to ancient times, namely, 4 St.. the Building is constantly subjected to destruction due to natural disasters and enemy invasions. It was built by order of Emperor Justinian who wanted the indicator of the greatness and wealth of the Byzantine Empire. The structure is very interesting and represents a valuable historical object. Special attention deserves the dome of Hagia Sophia. It is installed in a strange way. Visitors have the impression that it hovers in the air, radiating bright rays of the sun.

Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia

In Istanbul, tourists can visit the Holy places of the city. Travelers can marvel at the Galata tower, Archaeological Museum and Basilica Cistern. To conclude the cultural event campaign to the Grand Bazaar, where visitors are presented a variety of shops with jewellery, spices, textiles, carpets and Souvenirs.

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