The most famous sights of Brussels

Belgium attracts many tourists. Mostly travelers tend to visit its capital, Brussels. Here are the famous places, beautiful architecture, significant for Belgium. We offer you to take a fascinating journey around the capital and learn about the most famous sights of Brussels.

La Grand-Place

Square Grand PlaceSquare Grand place — the most famous landmark of Brussels

Tourists are attracted by the architecture, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The construction is made in the Gothic style. As ornaments on buildings located 150 statues. It is a historical place for Brussels. In the 13th century, the square held a jousting tournament, various festivals, sold a variety of products.

Every four years around the area are magnificent carpet of flowers. To see such beauty, Brussels attracts many tourists. Interestingly, during the French revolution the building suffered destruction. Over time it started to rebuild, adding strict lines of raisins.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Famous for the building that exceeds the length of Buckingham Palace. The construction is made in the neoclassical style and impresses with beautiful bas-reliefs. Earlier this place was a castle of the Duke of Brabant. Is the Palace in the Park on a small hill.

Start of construction of the castle falls on the 18th century and it was created during the reign of William 1. Ruler Leopold II, who are accustomed to luxury and wealth greatly expanded the building. Changes took place in the rooms of the castle. They became more luxurious, had changed the decoration. The Park, located around the Royal castle, appeared in 1904.

The Palace of justice

The Palace of justice

This building also coincides with the period of Leopold II. It was built by his order. It is considered the most famous landmark of Brussels due to the fact that it is the largest in the world. Its area reaches 26 thousand sq. m. As it is located on a hill, visitors have a magnificent view of the city. On the construction of a gigantic building took 20 years. His style can’t identify the most experienced architects, as the building involves the mixing of several cultures. If you calculate how much money was spent on its construction, then this amount will be equal to $ 300 million.

The Atomium

The Atomium

This structure can be considered a symbol for the whole of Belgium. This monument, dedicated to nuclear energy, not everyone can understand. It is made in the best traditions inherent in modern European monuments.

In the height of the building reaches 102 meters and consists of 9 spheres. The diameter of each of them is 18 m. the monument is Considered the most famous landmark of Brussels, for the reason that they can not only admire, but to walk inside it. At the heart of the building there is a lift which speed passes a similar technique in Europe. You can visit 6 of the spheres, and gives to them a special excavator. But that’s not all. The top layer is waiting for the bravest tourists, who are willing to climb to the observation deck. To visitors the magnificent views, you can even see a few layouts in the Park «Europe in miniature». Thus, it is possible to save 15 Euro, which you have to pay for entrance to the Park. On site there is a restaurant, so there is the opportunity to try the «nuclear» food.


And, of course, you can see the famous Manneken Pis, who praised Belgium for the whole world. Brussels is a great place to stay for anyone who loves unusual architecture and monuments.

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