The most famous sailor

Three ships of the expedition were able to reach land. «Land! Land!» such cries were heard above the water surface 12 Oct 1942. It would seem that the efforts were not wasted, and here it is – the coveted gold. In the morning, a sailor had to check whether his expectations.

Who is he, the owner of iron will, an irresistible thirst of the researcher, love of the sea and unmatched courage? Who is he, the adventurer, with fantastic endurance? You see, without these qualities do not become the most famous sailor.


In order to know him better, we will have to put at the end of the XV century. In those days a huge popular spices and gold. Functioned trade with India, Africa. The Italians were forced to take spices at fantastic prices. Christopher Columbus suggested that the event will be opened by the shortest route to the spices, and probably up to gold.


The favor of those in power

In those years, however, as now, impossible without the money to perform such a difficult journey. Therefore, the future great seafarer was to seek attention of influential nobles, willing to provide financial support. It is worth noting the fact that scientists have not questioned the fact that the earth is round, but with the size of the problem emerged. The problem is that Columbus overestimated the size of Asia, according to his calculations it was bigger, but the size of the planet on the contrary underestimated. But thanks to the persistence of Navigator and the financial support of Queen Isabella of Castile, after 8 years, he was lucky.


We have to admit that this man had a strong intuition, ability to overcome difficulties, able to gather around him a strong team of like-minded people. During his life he managed to make incredible discoveries. The memory of the sea wolf came to us through the years and centuries. Christopher Columbus with honor is the title of the best – known sailor.

The continuation of the story

Our travellers reached the Bahamas. However, neither they nor subsequently open the cube, not the steel, the striving for Navigator. The only thing he kept repeating to himself: «There must be a lot of gold.»

Returning to Spain, Columbus had infected his mood and the Royal couple and all the nobles. For the researcher of Maritime areas began to pour in honours and riches. The plan was to sail next year. Were collected Armada of 17 ships that need to land 1,200 men, among whom were specialists of different professions, soldiers, and peasants to know.


Unfortunately, the locals were Columbus, the only way to get rich and gain fame. When colonizers arrived to the familiar shores, began lewdness. Raped women, abused by the natives. So long could not continue – the locals banded together and in anger destroyed the colony arrived. The colonialists responded by enslaved fifteen hundred local residents, 500 of them were sent to Spain. Of the prisoners no one survived.


Subsequently Columbus made two more journeys. The famous sailor is not to deny the determination and courage. Because of his work, managed to map the routes. Exactly everyone knows as the discoverer of America.

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