The most famous Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

Each Egyptian ruler has its own unique story involving incredible achievements, drops and numerous changes. When entering the throne next to Pharaoh, the countdown always start anew, marking the next era. A large number of the most famous pharaohs of Ancient Egypt belonged to a New Kingdom – the era when ancient Egyptian statehood bloomed in full force, and ruled three of the dynasty of the pharaohs (18,19 and 20). So who is the most famous Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt? You can assign such a title to the three pharaohs who really excelled in certain activities during his full control.

Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten)

Amenhotep IV (Echnaton)

According to the largest Egyptologists, Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), which refers to the eighteenth dynasty, is the most famous Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. This ruler has left its mark in Egyptian history and even of all mankind. Joining him on the throne, is about a year 1351 BC. To do great things Ikhnaton had 16 years.

He famously was the author of religious reform, as well as the organizer of cultural and social revolutions. This is the most famous Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt believed in the God Aton, and therefore have entered his cult, and even built a new capital akhetaton (North of Thebes).

The Ruins Of Akhetaton

The capital built by Amenhotep IV, was in the area called tel al-Amarna. The name of the area the time when the rules of the Pharaoh, was called the «americkim». Is this the reign of the flowering of fine art and the transition to a genuine realism.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Scientists say that Amenhotep IV was not only a born reformer but also had a poetic gift, thanks to which he managed to create a philosophical conception of the world in a theological form. Wife of Amenhotep IV Nefertiti was known as a very beautiful Queen. Today the whole world can admire the sculpture of Nefertiti that was created in an amazing performance of incredible veracity (stored in the Berlin Museum).


This is the name of the Pharaoh, certainly known to many. Tutankhamun, and Akhenaten, belongs to the eighteenth dynasty rulers of Egypt. Of course, nothing special, he became famous. However, it may be only those that have abolished the reforms of Amenhotep IV. Probably for the people around him, such decision was expected, since he died at the age of 18, Tutankhamen was buried with special honors.

Mask Of Tutankhamun

The life of this Pharaoh, there is little information, so scientists are trying to find many of the answers to the questions that torture them, and reveal the secret life of Tutankhamun. Until the adoption of the title of the ruler, he bore the name of Tutankhaton (in honor of the God Aten). But at the age of 9, becoming the Supreme ruler of Egypt, he changed the name. After the accession to the throne, the wedding of Tutankhamun and 13-year-old daughter of Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti (Ankhesenpaaten, subsequently changed its name to Ankhesenamun).

Found the tomb of Tutankhamun

Probably the most famous Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, he has already become due to the fact that the tomb was found by researchers in 1922, and it is absolutely intact. And this is rather rare, because many scientists found the tombs of famous pharaohs was badly looted.

Ramses II

Ramses II

One of the greatest pharaohs is considered to be Ramesses II (Ramesses the Great) that belongs to the nineteenth dynasty of the pharaohs. His reign was 66 years. During this period he built many cities and temples before him no ruler could not do such a thing. When it developed the temple architecture.

The temple of Ramses II

Recognized as special temples that were cut into the rocks (what they were called cave or rock). The most famous among the temples built by Ramses II, is considered to be a mortuary temple in Thebes – the Ramesseum. Also Ramesses II consecrated one of the smaller temples of his beloved wife Nefertari is a structure created in the rock of Abu Simbel.

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