The most famous person in the world

Who is the most famous person on the planet? This is a complex question that no one will have a definite answer, because with this choice very much depends on the sympathy for that person. In today’s world the popularity is measured by means of followers in social networks: instagram, Twitter, Facebook. It is from this goal and recognises young people today. But how to tell about the people who died a long time ago and did not find this world in the form in which we perceive it now? The answer will not be forthcoming.

Famous scientists

The first person I would like to mention Sigmund Freud. The father of psychoanalysis, through his findings of modern psychologists understand the role in life played in childhood. Freud also belongs to a structured approach to the analysis of human personality: ego (I), ID (ID) and the superego(Svarga). Almost impossible to imagine that today’s psychology lesson without mentioning the theory of personality Freud.

Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud

Another famous psychologist Carl Jung. The University was keen on psychiatry, made a lot of conclusions that have had success as physicians, and philosophers.

The person who first made the atomic bomb, made a great discovery in the understanding of the theory of black holes — Robert Oppenheimer. The American scientist had not suspected that his first great discovery will be released so deadly a weapon that can stand not one thousand lives. But the theory about black holes was fervently adopted by another famous scientist Stephen Hawking. Subsequently, the British brought the idea to a new level and now has published more than a dozen books that are in high demand all over the world.

Robert OppenheimerRobert Oppenheimer

Alexander Fleming made from several types of moldy fungi of the world’s first antibiotic — penicillin, which has saved the lives of a large number of people. Also for these scientists listed another important discovery: he found in the saliva of the dog antibacterial substance Lysozyme. There is even an expression: heals as on a dog. A quick recovery of wounds just the same, dictated by the action of lysozyme.

Alexander FlemmingAlexander Flemming

Mikhail Lomonosov and Antoine Lavoisier worked almost at the same time. One excelled in many areas, not only academic life, but also the creative (Mikhail Vasilievich wrote some absolutely amazing songs). Antoine and Laurent have made a breakthrough in the field of combustion of a substance, as Lomonosov put in order the theory of conservation of mass. The contribution of scientists cannot be overstated, the fruits of their work are used by many modern scientists.

Mikhail LomonosovMikhail Lomonosov

Albert Einstein. Every little bit, but I’ve heard about this person or at least seen a picture of him with his tongue hanging out. Scientist known due to the fact that looked at physics from a different angle, came up with the theory of relativity, where now lives the science of the XXI century, has contributed to pacifist and atheistic movement.


Yes, this is one of the most brutal dictators in the history of mankind. The Nazi who organized the genocide of the Jewish people, taking six million lives in the ovens and camps. Adolf Hitler won his terrible effort in the first place in the list of the most famous people in the world, but I must say that this fame turned to him with sad end of suicide.

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

Now many are arguing about what would have been the fate of the twentieth century, if Hitler was at the helm of Nazi Germany and continued to paint his paintings. But history does not know subjunctive mood, it happened and you should be able to put up with it.

In his biography of Hitler, before he came to power, nothing special. Born and raised in an ordinary family: his father was a customs officer, mother was a peasant. School Adolf not finished, wanted to go to art school, but was twice refused. Decided to make a work without having education. For several years he lived from hand to mouth.

The German dictatorThe German dictator

Wonder has changed the attitude of the German dictator for his military service. In 1913, he goes to Munich, where he is hiding from conscription, but, after a year, gets a medical examination where it is recognized to be unfit. During the First world war, it wakes up a sense of patriotism, he volunteers and goes to the front. In military operations, Hitler manifests itself good soldiers, receives several awards and the rank of corporal. After the war, is recorded in the German workers party. In 1933, this political meeting gets the most votes, Hitler is appointed Reich Chancellor. From this moment begins the most tragic history of the XX century.

Adolf Hitler had a mistress, Eva Braun. They got married the day before committing double suicide, in consequence of the failure of Nazi troops on all fronts. There is a perception that the leader of the German Empire fled to a country in Latin America. But in fact it is not. Genetics with a DNA test proved that the body found belonged to Hitler.

Actors and Directors

The Foundation of this movie that we know and love, was founded in the image of a mustached man in the hat Charlie Chaplin. How much self-irony in his work? When viewing the «Dictator» question: how do you have to be a brilliant actor to make fun of such a terrible personality? He was a man who feared nothing, constantly opening up to this art genre something new.

Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin

Every movie lover will call your list of the best actors. But if we compare these views, it will be possible to observe some of the same choices. This is quite understandable. How can you be indifferent to the game Tom Hanks, johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio? The actor you want to be popular, you need to play constantly to be removed — it is an indicator of its popularity. We will see it on their monitors or cinemas, it will be to enter the images of our favorite characters or create new ones.

In the Russian film industry can be called more than a dozen really talented artists. Among Hollywood celebrities would not get lost nor Oleg Tabakov, neither Mironov, nor Konstantin Khabensky.

Konstantin KhabenskyKonstantin Khabensky

But the movie is not only acting, but also a genius Director. What names come to mind? Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, and maybe Tarkovsky? One thing we know for sure that their films you can be happy to review more than once.

Among the Russian artists would also like to highlight talent Nikita Mikhalkov, who won an American Oscar for best film. I would also like to mention Andrey Ryazantsev, removed our favorite Comedy: Irony of fate or with light steam, office romance and many others.

Revolutionary in the world of fashion

Coco Chanel was born in August 1883. Few people know her real name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. The girl thought with a name impossible to succeed and something to change my user name was taken from the symbiosis of two songs, which were sung in the taverns: «KoKoRiKo» and «QuiQuaVuCoco».

Coco ChanelCoco Chanel

Your way revolutionary and rebellious by nature began, oddly enough, in the monastery. Local nuns taught her the lessons of sewing. Coco that wasn’t enough to change the entire vector of fashion at the moment. She made a stunning new outfits material «Jersey» things from this fabric were worn only by men, prompting the public to mixed conclusions. But she didn’t care, the main thing that women finally felt free, felt that they enter into society, wearing a pair of slender pants.

Perfume Coco ChanelPerfume Coco Chanel

Further, in the head of Chanel has a new idea: she wanted to create a perfume that girls bought for themselves, and was not content to just gifts from the stronger sex. That is what got perfume product known to the world under the trade name Chanel No. 5. And this time Coco challenged society the bottle design was made in black and sleek style that resembles toilet water. At that time, girls had the right to wear a fragrance monthhow that include only one ingredient. The aroma from Chanel was used as many as 80 components, thereby she broke another stereotype.

Gabrielle Bonheur ChanelGabrielle Bonheur Chanel

Girls often ask the question: «What to wear?». Chanel answered him. Making miniature black dress that will fit for any occasion of life, whether it’s a trip to the theater or a walk in the Park quiet summer evening in the presence of the Chevalier.

For all its popularity, Coco Chanel was not able to escape from himself. It so no one admitted that she didn’t have her mother and father she was last seen at 12, began its journey in the monastery, and not in a good intelligent family, subtract from your age of 10 years.

But its contribution in the twentieth century cannot be overemphasized. It was she who first revealed to the world that a woman is not just an incubator for child-bearing, woman — man, which thinks and feels.

Who the most famous person in the world?

Many people think that Jesus is the Christ. You can argue with them, it is possible to refute even the existence of the individual. But what is the name familiar to everyone – there is no doubt. How many copies of the Bible have been sold, and how many people belong to the faith, where in the centre stands Christ? A huge number of both.

Jesus ChristJesus Christ

We can only speculate, but never know who the most known. And maybe it’s just optional?

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