The most famous inventor

Every day we use knives and forks, to eat the bread, use electricity – all these familiar things once did not exist. The wheel, the hammer, the fire – it would seem that in them such, and when people they were not subject.

To say exactly who is the most famous inventor not, many we have never heard, but to call the names of those to whom we owe the most interesting inventions without which our world would look very different, it is within our power.



The most famous inventor who lived over two thousand years ago, without special tools was able to calculate the number «PI» is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter. He first proved that every body has a center of gravity. In ancient times, legends were told about how Archimedes in one motion pulled a huge ship on the water, the secret of the wings in the original system of units. Unfortunately, on the life scientist of reliable data reached few, and a large number of legends in General made a real mess of biographies of Archimedes.

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of Archimedes in the development of science. He made the life of Siracusa by implementing the invention for irrigating crops. Another important invention of the scientist – the elevating screw. He found a use in pumping large amounts of water from the depths of the earth.

Archimedes himself considered its main achievement – the ratio of the volumes of the cylinder and the inscribed ball.

Leonardo da Vinci


Not only the famous inventor, but also a unique artist, historian, medic, biologist. It’s amazing how much talent gathered together in one person! In addition, it is well danced and well fenced.

Leonardo da Vinci was captured by the military-technical ideas. He became the progenitor of the tank – in his mind clearly painted picture of the future tools able to confront the enemies. «Tank» was a chariot with cannon, covered with a semicircular plate armor. To change the shooting angle was provided reinforced lifting unit.

In the original version to carry a chariot had horses, but as these creatures are too timid, horses were replaced by people. Needless to say that the effectiveness of such structures were minimal. Years passed before the tank in its current form was born.

Another interesting invention was a device that allows you to breathe underwater. For the costume of the swimmer was used leather, glass lens and a bag, which had to urinate. The air is fed through a reed tube.

Leonardo dreamed of sky. He was not worried about the need to create a vehicle. Attempts to create a machine that flies like a bird, able to lift a person up, were discarded. But the airframe scientist managed to create a design attached to the back of a man. Scientists developed a prototype of the first parachute. Da Vinci claimed that with this device you can jump from any height without fear of crashing. To implement his idea in reality was only in the twentieth century.

Leonardo invented the first car! Truck on three wheels driven by a spring mechanism. The fourth wheel was located separately on a wooden levers and allowed to change direction. For movement of the rear wheels was an elaborate system of gears. As in the case of parachute, it’s been years before this miracle of technology was translated into reality.

The most famous inventor gave the world a device that allows you to drill wood and earth, a telescope with two lenses, a projector, catapult and many other things that facilitate our lives today.

Heron Of Alexandria


Not the famous inventor, but his power would be a cause of the industrial revolution. Unfortunately, neither he nor the people around him did not fully realize the importance of his inventions. Part of his work irretrievably lost, but among the surviving – Pneumatics, Metric, Avtomotosportu.

In his work, the inventor was based on the writings of Archimedes, Euclid, Lampsacus. The scientist was attracted to optics, mechanics, hydrostatics, geometry. It is the Heron we owe the appearance of the syringes, pumps, fountains, automatic doors. In addition, on account of his are self charging rapid-fire crossbow, a device that measures the length of roads.

The most important invention of Heron of Alexandria is a steam turbine, which he invented 100 years before the onset of ad. Only after 17 centuries after, mankind has created the steam engine. All these centuries people worked manually before it was possible to automate the process. Who knows what would now develop the story, then people pay a little more attention to such an advanced idea of the inventor?

Ivan Kulibin


Russia is rich in talents, the most famous inventor Ivan Petrovich Kulibin. He has created a unique clock – their size was a goose egg, in which was placed a complex mechanism that allows you to beat the allotted time. During the battle sounded handwritten melody, the clock was placed a tiny theatre. These men, cast in gold and silver, played a show. Catherine II, which the craftsman did watch as a gift, was fascinated by the talent of the master.


Accurate scales, compasses, telescopes – foreigners who had no money even for boring and machining the inner surface of the cylinder, was impressed. Kulibin was selling like hot cakes for the Queen has created a lift for the lover of fun Potemkin, created such fireworks which would be the envy of the creators of fireworks, Chinese.

Not only with the minutiae involved the master-taught. That is to his credit put the solution of problems with bridges. Unfortunately, I did not work in Kulibina relationship with Potemkin. He dreamed, as will remove from the shoulders of the Russian peasant coat, shave the beard, wear the latest European fashion silk will show in Europe. But as they say, found a cut diamond. Rested Kulibin. No beard shaving is not wished, neither the coat from his shoulders to throw. Potemkin was in response to vreditelstvu for the works of the master have to pay a penny.

With the coming to power of Paul I wanted to erase from people any memory of his mother, Catherine, then became worse. Kulibin Packed his bags and returned home to Nizhny Novgorod.

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