The most famous gay Russia

More than half a century ago the public thought people with a different sexual orientation sick or crippled. Medicine at that time treated it is extremely «serious disease» is simply barbaric ways: people fed pills, which contain a huge number of hormones, which led to the fact that a person could disappear forever sexual desire or just grow Breasts. But the world has come to be tolerant of homosexuality: now gays and lesbians in some modern countries it is possible to enter into same-sex marriages to adopt children, that is their right against heterosexuals were equal. But in Russia until now, the public can not accept the fact that there are gays. Homosexuals often conceal their involvement in persons with a different sexual orientation. After reading this article, you will be able to know what the most famous gay Russia.

Boris Moiseev

Boris MoiseevBoris Moiseev

The name of this person is often used by Russians to insult other people, they see the makings of homosexuality. Boris Moiseev has admitted to the entire country that does not adhere to such traditional views. Later all denied it, taking back his words. But the fact remains – a as it is now fashionable to say, coming out in his words was present. To describe the rich creative life of Moses will need more than one biographical book: he danced, and in one of the most famous trio in the history of Russian show business, then Boris discovered his vocal and closely engaged in your musical career, singing a duet with Lyudmila Gurchenko, Alla Pugacheva, but fame came to him after the hit «Blue Moon», this song has encouraged many people to believe that Moses is gay, after all. Later he was involved in the show on Muz-TV, which at the time enjoyed wild popularity. The artist is in search of his new I, after recently experiencing a stroke.

Sergey Penkin

Sergey PenkinSergey Penkin

People with extraordinary voices of power, wonderful tone, burst onto the national stage with their unusual songs and elegant costumes. It is the outfit Sergei, often shocking and not very clear to the average viewer, has forced many to reflect on the orientation of the singer. Penquin lot in his interview said that he never entered into connection with the men and that he did not consider themselves homosexuals.

Roman Viktyuk

Roman ViktyukRoman Viktyuk

Roman Viktyuk, during his tenure, he worked as a Director in one of Moscow theatres. His performances the audience always treated ambiguously. The fact that all of his actors were men, as well as in the plays are almost always present people of both sexes, they had to play female roles that often through kissing on the stage or the depiction of love between partners, put them in an unenviable position. So odious to the theater Manager has always had many questions about his sexual preference. Viktyuk always denied it.

Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf NureyevRudolf Nureyev

Probably, this man is remembered in history more as the first Soviet person who has confessed his unusual views than as a dancer. The reason for such a significant conclusion was unexpected emigration of Rudolf in France in the sixties of the last century. In the Soviet Union is very severely punished people with different views, it is because of this dancer had to leave their Homeland. Nureyev died of AIDS in England, the actor was struggling with a terrible virus for over 10 years.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Pyotr TchaikovskyPyotr Tchaikovsky

A great composer and a master of his craft. Sexual preferences Pyotr Ilyich became famous world wide after his death. In his diaries and letters to his brother, the author of the great classical music often reminisced about his «unhealthy attraction» to the male gender, said that he visited brothels and was given there of the pleasures with men. He understood that the public will condemn him and then turn away from him, so his views he had carefully hidden, but still the society of St. Petersburg often whispered about the adventures of Tchaikovsky. To the composer it was a shame for one incident that happened with him and his partner, poet by Apuhtina. In the restaurant the whole evening they kept eyeing each other his eyes a little and hold hands, then the journalists fanned this stuff exposing huge extravaganza.

Romanov Sergey

Romanov SergeyRomanov Sergey

A senior relative, an uncle of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas 2nd, had a passion for the same gender. Despite the fact that many reputable historians, reading the diaries of Sergei felt that he was leading a gay sexual life, people of Orthodox faith considered him almost a Saint equal to the apostles, in every way trying to convince the ROC to canonize. Of course, it is difficult to trust the opinions of a man you’ve never seen, especially if he’s saying exactly the opposite thing.

Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei EisensteinSergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein or Sir Gay, as he called himself throughout his life was fond of drawings on the theme of same-sex relationships. Famous Director, despite all his denial, had a very strange relationship with the male sex.

Sergei Diaghilev

Sergei DiaghilevSergei Diaghilev

The great choreographer became famous worldwide for its exceptional organizational skills. It opened to the broad public of the great mass of the dancers, one of whom, Vaclav Nijinsky, he is credited with a sexual relationship.

Naum, Starkman

Naum, StarkmanNaum, Starkman

Amazing musician, not afraid to say all over the country about their non-traditional views, for which he was subsequently sentenced to a long time. All the work of pianist was forbidden until the late twentieth century.

Vladimir Horowitz

Vladimir HorowitzVladimir Horowitz

Well-known musician all my life thought that homosexuality is a disease. For a long time he wanted to get rid of their addiction: many times resorted to electroshock therapy. Emigrated to America, where she started a family with a woman. But soon the marriage broke up.

Homosexuality is not a disease. These people have always existed and will exist in our society. Of course, you can treat them as anyone, but it is important to remember what makes us human – the mind and comes out of it tolerance to others. Scientists have proved that same-sex relationships exist in many animals, there is nothing wrong. Need to be formed that are not so easily hurt innocent people.

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