The most famous detective

The work of private detectives and dangerous, and interesting. But nowadays surely there are few people who could say, who is the most famous detective of our time. But there is a very well-known characters of the literary works created by the masters of the detective genre. However, prototypes of some of the book heroes became real people who had great ability in discovering intricate crimes. So who do you think is the most famous detective – a real person or a literary character?

Eugène François Vidocq

Eugène François Vidocq

Without a doubt, a literary detective number one can be called Vidocq, who, however, was absolutely a real person. And the interesting thing is that the way of the brilliant detective he started with criminal activity. At age 14 he killed his mentor in fencing, for which he was convicted – so he «rolled down», doing criminal cases. But one day he changed his mind and called the police, saying that he wanted to help catch the thugs. Explains that Look that just crossed the line of the law will be able to understand another criminal, and then quickly to solve the case. Widoku gives the police a chance, and the detective copes with its responsibilities, revealing complex crimes. As a result, the Vidocq gets the nickname «father of criminal investigation». That’s why he became the prototype of heroes. For example, in 2001, screens out the film about this famous detective, and starred Gerard Depardieu.

Auguste Dupin

Edgar Allan PoE

This is a purely literary character that was created by the pen of Edgar Allan PoE. What Dupin could be called the progenitor of the genre of detectives. Though he appeared only a few works that are known.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes performed by Livanov

This is really the famous detective, who know, perhaps even those people who are indifferent to the detective genre. Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle, has become a classic character of the genre of detectives. It is believed that the prototype of this famous detective was a friend of the writer Joseph bell, characterized by the ability to determine the character of the people and to notice the smallest details. The great popularity of Sherlock Holmes led to the fact that the filmmakers made a huge number of films about this hero. Undoubtedly, the best role of Sherlock Holmes was played by our great actor Vasily Livanov.

Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot, performed by David Suchet

This literary detective invented by Agatha Christie. Prototype was a friend of the writer, a Belgian agent. . Hamoir. The creators of this image is not very fond of him, as Poirot she described as vile, unbearable, tedious and self-centered person. However, obsessed by order, but always irresistible Hercule Poirot became quite a famous movie character. Stretch the role of a renowned detective in the movie performed by David Suchet.

Miss Marple

Joan Hickson as miss Marple

And this sweet old lady who deals with solving a crime at the behest of the soul, is the epitome of the work of Agatha Christie. Miss Marple lives alone, so if something happens near her, she definitely intervenes and tries to get to the truth. Perfectly to the role of the old detective, «accustomed» actress Joan Hickson.

Jessica Fletcher

Angela Lansbury in the role of Jessica Fletcher

This character in contemporary detective series. Jessica Fletcher writes works of detective fiction, and stories for them, she collects around the world. Plays the role of the writer-detective actress Angela Lansbury.

Commissioner Maigret

Georges Simenon

This most famous detective, which is the result of the work of Georges Simenon, unlike other literary heroes, serves as the police Commissioner. Films about this hero shot no less than Holmes or Poirot. Commissioner Maigret loves to solve puzzles and smokes a pipe (just like Sherlock Holmes). In Delfzijl (Holland), even a monument to the Commissioner Maigret.

Nero Wolfe

Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe

This most famous detective created by Rex Stout. You’ll be the hero of the books and films of high intellectual and analytical skills that allow him to investigate the most intricate crimes. Nero Wolfe doesn’t even have to leave home in order to solve the case. Remarkably coped with this role, the actor Maury Chaykin.

Alan Pinkerton

Alan Pinkerton

And finally, I will tell you about Allan Pinkerton, who is not a literary character and a real person. Having worked as a Sheriff in America for four years, he left the service, and opens his detective Agency. This investigator has gained popularity in a short time. To it repeatedly asked Lincoln himself, and the Agency even managed to prevent an attempt on the life of the President in 1861. Another high-profile case Pinkerton was the arrest of criminals who stole $ 700,000 in the railway company. Pinkerton became the prototype of the literary hero NAT Pinkerton.

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