The most expensive whiskey in the world

Whiskey is the most expensive and elite alcoholic beverage that is produced from natural ingredients using quality equipment. This drink is originally from Scotland and Ireland. The oldest distillery located in these places. So fans of the drink can spend on the acquisition of significant funds. So let’s find out what is the most expensive whiskey in the world.

«Isabellas Islay»

The most expensive whiskey in the world

Best elite drink, which is produced in one of the British companies. In translation this whiskey means «Island of Isabella». The beverage takes place in several ways. In the first case he presented single malt whiskey, which is placed in a decanter. It is made by hand. It is based include rhinestone with 8, 5 thousand diamonds and 300 rubies. This drink is equal to 6 million USD. His cover of white gold. Otherwise, use the same decanter coated with white gold and decorated with diamond inscriptions. In this case, the cost of the drink reaches 740 t dollars per unit. Therefore, this drink can afford to buy only wealthy people and true connoisseurs of it. It actively buying various collectors as this bottle in the collection will have a very presentable appearance.

«Aisla T Orten 105 Year Old»

Rating this is the second of the elite drink, which was received in 1906. in the Northern part of Scotland. Spirits aged in barrels of sherry. The drink has an interesting history. The barrel was located in one of the houses owned by Ellie Ceselli until 2010 Then Tara was implemented in the «Master of Malt». Capacity is 762 ml 12 ml sent for tasting, and the rest sold for $ 1.4 million. USA. And only 50 ml remained in storage. Now, however, the primacy belongs to another elite drink. This alcoholic beverage is highly regarded among fans and collector. It will be a great addition to any collection.

«Macallan in Lalique»

Alcoholic drink was introduced in 12 countries. Whiskey and the vessel in which it is poured is a single instance of the 64 year old. This drink will not be re-created and bottled in the same vessel. So it was sold for $ 0.5 million. USA. Cash that were proceeds from the sale aimed to maintain clean water. People who bought were very satisfied. The drink has taken a worthy place among their collection.

«Dalmore 62»

For its preparation was used alcohols 1868. It was made by hand decanters are made of crystal. As decoration were used the head of the Royal deer. To create the wooden bag specialists took 100 h. the Excellent aesthetic properties of the drink may surprise even the seasoned collector.

«Dalmore 64 Trinitas»

Luxury alcohol was created by representatives of the company «Dalmore». It was implemented in 2010 for 160100 USD. It should therefore be attributed to the expensive whiskey. The basis of this whisky have included components that 140 years. Produced 3 bottles of this drink. So two of them were purchased by the American collector. The last bottle was taken away by the investor from the UK. This is the first whiskey, which sold for millions of dollars.

«25 Year Old Pure Pot Still Whiskey»

It is also an expensive alcoholic drink. It is made in Ireland. Its cost reached 143 thousand. USA. It was released on the production of a family of event news, which closed in 1913, Is the oldest beverage. The heirs sent the money to the races.

«Macallan» 1926

It’s also kind of expensive alcoholic beverage, alcohols which are history since 1926. The first bottling was carried out in 1986 and the second in 2002. Tasting a magnificent 60 year-old drink in the hotel Atlantic city in the US, where the price has reached the level of 3.3 thousand. The United States for trial. In 2006, I bought a bottle for 75 thousand dollars. USA. In 2006, the bottle was bought by Koreans for 54 thousand dollars.

«64 Years Old Macallan Single Malt»

This variety of elite alcohol. It is held in Scotland and has a shutter 64 g. Taste in the hotel «Golden triangle», located in Beverly hills.

«Dalmore 62»

Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch

This variety of elite alcohol, which includes different scents. They reflect the climate of Scotland. Unlike the previous class bottle of Single Highland Malt Scotch was bought for $ 58, etc. USA. Then tasted. It shocked all of us.

So, let’s summarize. Any citizen who spends a great stay, different amounts of money in operational use, can buy these drinks. They all have their own history. Based on their uses different natural elements. All of this creates a certain flavor of the product. These drinks are valued by all whiskey lovers. So commonly bought for consumption and for creation of various collections.

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