The most expensive watch

The most significant accessory you can count the hours, as they often do to emphasize their status. The cost of this popular accessory can reach sometimes several million dollars, — the World of watches will introduce you to the most expensive specimens in the world.

Why not come up with manufacturers to raise the price of their product – we use precious metals, are developing an advanced dial give the watch a new functional.

Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’ile

The third position in this list goes to the model Tour de l’ile, which was created when the Swiss watch Vacheron Constantin celebrated its 250th anniversary. In its manufacture was used 18kt rose gold. The back of the watch you can find different drawing and the distinguishing number of hours. The mechanism includes 834 parts as well as many additional features, the plant is done by hand. The cost of this product is $1.5 million.

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

Second place was awarded to the watch, which cost $4 million. The highlight of the hours on a clock face, where the circle are not only numbers, but also the country. No matter what part of the world you are, you will always know the local time. Designers have worked on the grace and beauty of the body.

This clock home, there is another precious model s Phillipe’Patek Supercomplication, which was established in 1932 by order of the banker and collector in one person Henry Gravese. Their development took craftsmen five years, the result is a model of the 900 parts, the body cast from 18-Karat gold. Watches with additional functions, of which as many as 24. The cost of this model reaches 11 million dollars, it’s hard to imagine the same amount, and so the more that you wear it just on the hand.

201-carat Chopard

The product costs 25 million dollars occupies the first position of the ranking, it is impossible not to admire. The dial is not great, the rest of the surface covered with diamonds yellow, blue, pink shades. The largest stones closest to the dial, near the small strap. Not everyone is willing to shell out such a sum just to admire such a timepiece on your wrist. But there are those collectors who are willing to shell out the same amount. With such expensive watches the proverb «Time is money» is perceived in new ways.

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