The most expensive transfers in football history

The most hot time of the year in football in terms of transfers is the summer. It is in this time of European clubs willing to pay for the best athletes a lot of money, because then you can reach incredible heights in football. This article lists the most expensive transfers in football history, which took place in the twenty first century.

1 Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale

Starts the rating of the most expensive transfers in football history this valuisky striker who came from «Tottenham» (England) real Madrid (Spain) (2013). The owners of the Madrid team suddenly decided that they really need this fast player, who is still a bit not up to some of the «stars» in football. For Bale real Madrid need to pay about 100000000 euros, which at first seemed dubious figure. Then came talk that the transfer cost only 91000000 euros. But in the course of the season, bale has proved that he can be called the best, putting the «real» in the club European Champions for the first time in twelve years. The striker was involved in a 146-minute matches and scored 42 goals for the opponents. Today he, together with Cristano Ronaldo plays for Madrid in attack.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Excelled in the most expensive transfer in football history and this Portuguese striker when he moved from «Manchester United» in «real» (2009). Undoubtedly, a glamorous footballer – road to a glamorous sports club. For Ronaldo real Madrid paid 94000000 euros. And achievements of a footballer already a long time to recoup the investment in him. Twice Ronaldo won the «Golden ball» (in 2013. and 2014). In Madrid the team’s Portuguese striker has managed to score in the opponent’s goal not less than two hundred balls, and the number is growing. It is not surprising that the interest of many European clubs to Ronaldo grows, however, the President of real Madrid was not going to give someone a «pearl» of the team, may be the only 200000000 euros. And this amount discourages even the most richest people in the world.

3 Neymar


Brazilian footballer moved to Barcelona from Santos (2013). for him, the Catalan club have posted 83500000 euros. However, this is one of the most expensive transfers in football history was associated with the scandalous story, which has been drawn even Spanish law enforcement system. Initially, the amount of the transaction was only 57000000 euros. But in 2014, new facts emerged, which had become clear that the amount of the transaction was much more. President of «Barcelona» was charged with bribery and forced to resign. While Barcelona still paid into the Treasury of Spain the missing part of the tax, which was to be paid after the operation.

4 Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

81000000 euros for the Uruguayan striker came to FC Barcelona from Liverpool (2014). This player is not only excellent skills and abilities in the game, but all manner of biting. His career was already the third incident with the bite, after which Suarez was suspended from playing for four months. However, it’s all in the past and today, football plays a major role among the three attacker «Messi-Neymar-Suarez» in the Catalan team, scored 69 goals.

5 James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez

To real Madrid from Monaco the Colombian midfielder came in 2014. For that Catalan club spent 80000000 euros. The whole world was surprised as Rodriguez quickly adapted to the team showing their best skills. His first goal scorer of the Colombian managed to score in the Spanish super Cup. And after real «dropped off» of angel Di Maria, Rodriguez was guaranteed a place in the starting lineup for the Madrid team.

6 Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria

This Argentine midfielder came to the «Manchester United» from real Madrid in 2014, the transfer was estimated at 75000000 euros. In this command, the Argentine footballer plays at number seven. Despite the fact that the midfielder struck a tattoo of the numbers in the team, this figure has not brought him much success.

7 Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane

One of the most expensive transfers in football history can be called the transfer of the French midfielder to real Madrid from Juventus (2001). For this brilliant player real Madrid posted 73500000 euros. The Frenchman took a lot of time to adjust to a new team, however, he showed patience more than paid off. Zidane became a full-fledged leader of the Madrid team. He scored 37 goals in 155-minute matches. It was in this team that Zidane ended his career (in 2006).

8 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Not to say that the transfer of the Swedish striker from inter to Barcelona (2009), cost 69500000 euros, was for «Barcelona» successful. However, if you evaluate the fact that during his career Ibrahimovic has changed many teams, this transfer was quite expensive. For the year games in Barcelona, the Swede had scored only 21 goals, but he also managed to miss many important matches. The team breathed a sigh of relief when Ibrahimovic «rented» in Milan, and a year later the Italian team was sold the rights to it for 24000000 euros.

9 Kaka


This Brazilian midfielder, real name Ricardo Izecson DOS Santos Leite, came to real Madrid from AC Milan (2009). The transaction cost «real» 65000000 euros. But such a waste of money did not bring the owners of the Madrid team the desired results. Game Brazilian in the «real» was not very productive, and then went to numerous injuries. To maintain credibility in Milan Kaki was very easy, but here I had to earn a place in the main line. So the Brazilian decided to return to Milan and made it completely free (in 2013).

10 Edinson Cavani

Edinson Cavani

The Uruguay striker came to PSG from Napoli (2013). The French club bought Cavani for 64500000 euros. Giant steps French club becoming one of the best. And it does not spend money on «star players. The Uruguayan footballer has quickly found common language with Ibrahimovic and showed a great game in France. Today Cavani is a great attacker in the French team.

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